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Basic Fingerpicking Techniques (Mountain Dulcimer Tutorial)

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Duration: 00:12:05
I had a few requests for a video showing some of my basic fingerpicking techniques, so here you go!
01/05/20 10:09:27PM @lisamarie:

New here.  This is absolutely beautiful.  Where does one who has no background in classical music even start?  Suggestions on simple tunes?

05/27/19 10:35:26AM @msmouce:

Thank you, Guy. This was very helpful.

03/17/17 04:21:59PM @cotton1989:

I am just now learning to pick a dulcimer. I have a mountain dulcimer, 4 strings, tuning is d-a-aa. Is there a certain way I should pick this type of dulcimer? Thank you.

Guy Babusek
07/21/15 07:44:32PM @guy-babusek:

So glad you found it helpful, @monica!

07/21/15 06:39:15PM @monica:

Appreciate this tutorial, it was helpful. Thank you

Guy Babusek
08/10/14 04:57:44PM @guy-babusek:

Thank you Janice! Glad you found it helpful!

Guy Babusek
03/20/14 11:36:58AM @guy-babusek:

Thank you so much Helen and Bobby. I'm so happy you found it helpful! Grin.gif

03/19/14 08:02:23PM @bobby-maxspop-bingham:

Thank you, Guy, for the great video! I'm anold guitarplayer, just beginning MD and you did a fabulous job communicating and demonstrating techniques.

Helen Seiler
03/19/14 05:32:21PM @helen-seiler:

Guy, this video isgreat. I have been wanting to fingerpick but had been overwhelmed by the book and dvd I bought. I kept thinking, 'just get me started' and with this video you have done that. Now I will dedicate part of my daily practice session to fingerpicking. Given my struggle with flat picking I think it will be a real challenge for me but I have learnt to be more patient with myself now. I will let you know how I go. Thank you for running this group.

Guy Babusek
02/24/14 12:39:23PM @guy-babusek:

The time signature changes in the middle of the 2nd line... sorry I didn't write that out.. I think you can figure it out though.

Guy Babusek
02/24/14 12:37:42PM @guy-babusek:

Thank you so much, Lesley.

Marge I jotted down a few picking patterns (pardon the chicken scratch). They aren't anything sacred, just some common patterns I use. You can make up your own as well!

Marion Seaman
02/24/14 02:39:29AM @marion-seaman:
'Hands on dulcimer' by mike casey is a great book for fingerpicking pattern exercises. all the flatpicking ones can be converted/swapped too. its on amazon.Marion
Guy Babusek
02/23/14 10:07:48PM @guy-babusek:
My pleasure Cindy! I'm glad that you found it useful.
Cindy Stammich
02/23/14 09:16:50PM @cindy-stammich:

Thank you for this video! I am getting excited about learning to fingerpick!

Guy Babusek
02/23/14 09:13:44PM @guy-babusek:
just nowDelete CommentHi Marg! I meant to tab out the patterns I was demonstrating and upload them but I just have not had the time yet. I will try to get to that tomorrow. In the meantime you can just pick out patterns with in the chord that you are playing randomly that fit in with the melody line.
02/23/14 09:03:59PM @marg:

I'm not sure what yourpatterns were other than the brush and the basic thumb, index, middle, index back to thumb. Should I know different patterns before trying to follow what you are doing? I understand the pinch the two together but I was lost on what otherpatterns you were doing. I would like to learn fingerpicking since it does give the music a beautiful mellow tone but since I can't figure out your patterns should I practice some pattern positions or examples first? Is there a chart or something that gives examples?

Thank you, I love listening to you play. It is always beautiful even in a technique video.

Guy Babusek
02/22/14 09:55:12AM @guy-babusek:
Thank you Mark. I'm so happy you foun it helpful! I look forward to hearing you play soon!!
Mark Runge
02/22/14 09:15:02AM @mark-runge:

Thank you so much for this, Guy. You sure cover a lot in a little time!

As a new guy I find this very informative, and what you say and do also validates some of the freeplaying that I've been doing without knowing how to use my movements. I hear my wife talk about her banjo rolls when she speaks about her playing, and when you were "rolling" she pointed that out. You've just made my marriage better! Didn't see that coming, did you?

I, too, look forward to the next installment of your long-running tutorial series (no pressure), but I will be chewing through what you've given us in this video for some time. Again, thank you.

Big smiles to all y'all.

Guy Babusek
02/22/14 02:26:25AM @guy-babusek:

Hi Jill! Thank you so much, I'm very happy you found it useful! I hope to do some more video lessons in the future, since I barely scratched the surface here. Looking forward to hearing you play!!

Jill Geary
02/22/14 12:22:09AM @jill-geary:

Hi Guy,

Thanks so much for the video. I've fingerpicked for awhile (and came from a classical guitar background), but there were still some "hmm, gotchas" that I never quite figured out in my dulcimer playing. Your video, and the summary at the end, just makes it all seem so very doable. I ditto the other comments - I'll be watching this and practicing your ideas repeatedly. Jill San Diego