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Mama's Gumbo

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Duration: 00:03:02
Written and performed by Karen Keane.
Karen Keane
04/23/14 06:32:41PM @karen-keane:

Mamas Gumbo
By Karen Keane

Verse 1: To make Mamas Gumbo, first you make a roux.
The smell will make you cry; yes you know that its true.
Throw in some chittlins then you wait til it browns
And then you add dish soap and you stir it around.

Chorus: Mamas Gumbo it cures the common cold,
Clears up the sinuses and kills black mold,
Stops poison ivy and it unclogs tub
Makes your hair grow girl, give it a rub

Verse 2: Next comes the floor wax, just a little bit,
Then comes the goo from the science kit,
Your friends leave the house when it starts to smell
The dogs start to bark and the cats began to wail.

Verse 3: A splash of some vinegar and motor oil too
Hurry up right now before the cows start to moo.
You get a big glass and you pour it on ice
And then you sprinkle in some hot Cajun spice.

Verse 4: Well stir it all around like Mama used to do
Shed take a big whiff when shes feelin real blue
It smoothes out her lines and her wrinkles too
Just ask Mama cause she aint twenty-two.

Karen Keane
04/23/14 06:23:43PM @karen-keane:

Here's a link to the updated version http://mountaindulcimer.ning.com/video/mama-s-gumbo-red-river-revel-2013

Karen Keane
04/23/14 06:52:53AM @karen-keane:
Thanks Steph, Phil and Robert. I'll try to post the lyrics this afternoon. Glad you all enjoyed!
Robert L. Porter, Jr.
04/23/14 12:01:09AM @robert-l-porter-jr:

enjoyed it Karen, good job.

04/22/14 11:02:27PM @phil:

I remember this video. Karen Since you changed it now you need to make a new video of it.

Karen Keane
04/22/14 09:15:26PM @karen-keane:
Thanks Lisa,It's been along time since I've listened to this. I couldn't believe I was playing it that fast. I play it slower now and have changed the solo section in the middle some too. I did not post the lyrics, but I will see what I can do.
04/22/14 08:00:29PM @strumelia:

Love the bluesy solo in the middle, and craaaaazy good bends at the end!

Did you post the lyrics somewhere?- I can't quite make out all the words, but it sounds like they are worth knowing.

Karen Keane
04/22/12 05:02:06PM @karen-keane:

Hey Brian, glad your back with us, and I'm so sorry to hear about Astro. John and I had a cat that we got when we were first married and we had him for 14 years before he passed. It is very difficult when you lose a member of your family. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Grin.gif

Brian G.
04/22/12 09:41:19AM @brian-g:

Hi Karen! Thank you. I hope to post another vid soon. I've been out of the country up until last Sunday, and then the day after I got home my crazy Cockateil Astro died. I had him quite literally since he was an egg 28 years ago. :( Just haven't felt much like playing anything yet.

Karen Keane
04/19/12 09:54:02PM @karen-keane:

Thanks Brian, I'm glad that you enjoyed! When are you gonna post another vid? I missing listening to your music. Is everything OK with you?

Brian G.
04/19/12 08:14:37PM @brian-g:

Karen, this was great. I really enjoyed listening to it. I agree with Geek - great style different from, but compatible with, John's. Thanks for sharing! :)

Karen Keane
04/18/12 06:07:59PM @karen-keane:

Thanks Geek, I'm glad somebody agrees with me! LOL Grin.gif

John Keane
04/17/12 07:16:25AM @john-keane:

LOL!!! Grin.gif Y'all ain't right.

Karen Keane
04/16/12 08:14:02PM @karen-keane:

I did too, take Lord Voldemort's suggestion for a little while, but ultimately decided to change it!!Grin.gif

John Keane
04/16/12 07:28:56PM @john-keane:

LOL! Grin.gif

John Keane
04/14/12 08:46:49AM @john-keane:

Stephanie, I made ONE suggestion about this tune...just one, and she didn't take it lol. Grin.gif

Karen Keane
04/13/12 07:24:43AM @karen-keane:

Thanks Geekling for the comparison. I think I was definitely influence a little by YOU KNOW WHO. What a great compliment. Thanks Grin.gif

Karen Keane
04/12/12 09:33:45PM @karen-keane:

My image of wonder woman is ruined forever, LOL She'll never be the same again.Grin.gif

Thanks for the phone call and the words of encouragement. It's great to have a friend that cares so deeply about others and the craft we are trying so hard to master. It really means a lot to both John and myself. Thanks so much!!!!

Randy Adams
04/12/12 09:10:51PM @randy-adams:

HEY YOU...GET OFF THE CAR!... : ) ....

This is a great tune Karen. It's nice to hear a musically educated person play the dulcimer for a change! Like I mentioned on the phone I sure like them notes at 1:20

Karen Keane
04/11/12 08:47:19PM @karen-keane:

PS: I love the Dillards music from that show too. (The Darling's rule!!!)