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Quarantunes 11

Quarantunes 11

Thursday September 28 2023, 8:00 AM
@ Everywhere, Virtual
Attendees:  @Sea Strings

An event that needs little introduction!!

Four days of Concerts , Thursday, Sept 28 to Sunday, Oct 1.

Two days of Workshops , Friday, Sept 29 and Saturday, Sept 30. 

Registration opens this Sunday, August 27 at 3 PM Eastern time!! https://www.virtualdulcimerfest.com/ 

I'll be teaching the following:

Getting Confident with Rhythms, level 2, Fri 9/29, 7th period. The basics of strumming in 2/4 and 3/4 times, adding accents to keep things moving, tabs for Water Bound, Streets of Laredo, and Southwind.

Cool Modal Tunes in A-minor, level 4, Sat 9/30, 4th period. Going for that high and lonesome sound, tuning D-G-D with capo at the first fret; combining strums, picks and left-hand notes on the old-time tune Highlander's Farewell and the haunting jig The Mist Covered Mountains. Break out of the Key of D corral!!

Playing in Chord-Melody Style , level 3, Sat 9/30, 6th period. Especially for those pretty and stately kinds of tunes; we'll find the melodies lying within and around common chord shapes on The Boys of Wexford and the English country dance tune, Prince William. 

PLUS ABOUT 80 OTHER TEACHERS AND 100's OF OTHER WORKSHOPS!! https://www.virtualdulcimerfest.com/