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The Kesh Jig - by Leo Kretzner w the Old Grey Cats

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:01:51
An old favorite here, The Kesh (or Kincora) Jig, key of G. Greatly popularized in the US by the immortal Boys of the Lough.

And, for the first time on video - surveillance tapes possibly excepted - The Old Grey Cats: me, Alan Davis, fiddle/mandolin, and Roy Durnal, bass/bodhran (drum). Video kindly made by Gregg Schneeman, of bowed psaltery fame.

Dulcimer is tuned, from treble to bass: usual D - G - D + an added, lower G. It's a hybrid tuning between standard and baritone dulcimers and has great bass sound. (Strings, same order: 0.011, 0.017, 0.028, 0.036)

We were in Claremont's Memorial Park, Friday 10/9/20. Claremont has a mask wearing ordinance, so the other Cats are being more law abiding than me. I wore mine the rest of the time, honest. Yes, my hair is 'Covid Style.'
08/21/23 10:08:05PM @shanonmilan:

Thank you for sharing your videos.

11/01/20 11:18:51AM @ariane:

I love this tune - we used to play it in our hobby band. Great playing!

10/26/20 10:51:31PM @kjb:

Another favorite of mine.  I also play this on mandolin.  May give it a go on the mountain dulcimer.

10/21/20 12:27:23AM @nate:

Complete with a Bodhrán! very cool!

Dusty Turtle
10/20/20 12:32:17AM @dusty:

Thanks for posting this, Leo. I've been meaning to work on it but it's so much easier knowing what it's supposed to sound like.