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O’Carolan’s Draught

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:03:22
One of the great pieces by the blind, Irish harpist and composer of the late 17th century, Turlough O'Carolan.

Playing with me are Alan Davis, mandolin, and Roy Durnal, bass. Together we play as the Old Grey Cats, and this is one of the first videos we've made public in over 10 years of playing together! Video kindly made by Gregg Schneeman of bowed psaltery fame. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-bn1v...

We were in Claremont's Memorial Park, Friday 10/9/20. Claremont smartly has a mask wearing ordinance, so the other Cats are being more law abiding than me. I wore mine the rest of the time, honest. Yes, my hair is 'Covid Style.'

My great-sounding dulcimer here is made by Jerry C Rockwell of Ohio. Dulcimer is tuned, from treble to bass: usual D - G - D + an added, lower G. It's a hybrid tuning between standard and baritone dulcimers and has great bass sound. (Strings, same order: 0.011, 0.017, 0.028, 0.036 - or similar.)
Brian G.
11/02/20 10:57:46PM @brian-g:

Nicely done. Thanks for sharing this. Really enjoyed it. :)

10/26/20 10:48:34PM @kjb:

Well played. One of my favorites. I’ve been working on it for mandolin. 

Thanks for posting.

10/21/20 08:47:45AM @dulcinina:

Well done, Old Grey Cats.  I'm taking an O'Carolan workshop right now but this tune is not part of the repertoire so far.  I couldn't play that fast anyway.  Dulcinina