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Sandy River Belle, mountain dulcimer duet

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:02:08
The tune, Sandy River Belle, from the 1978 album Pigtown Fling
Played by Leo Kretzner and Jay Leibovitz
Pictures by Leo Kretzner, dulcimers seen in the 80’s. Enjoy
1. Jay Leibovitz and Leo Kretzner, 1977
2. Pigtown Fling album, 1978, Green Linnet label – reissue coming in 2021!
3. Trio of dulcimers
4. Two-tone top unique sound holes, maker unknown
5. Susan Porter w Frank Miller dulcimer
6. Unicorns by Stammel & Blodgett, w Tom Baehr
7. Violin style, by Amon Zook, Leola, PA NE Dulc Symp '83
8. Appaloosa Mountain Dulcimer, w Sue Hendricks
9. Big hearts, triple bout, by Bill Berg
10. Big hearts, wasp waist, maker unknown, owner Joe Rubash, WI
11. Bill Birmingham dulcimer, 4 hearts, May'83
12. Bird and clover s-holes by Ron Ewing, Eisteddfod '81
13. Bird and moon holes, sculpted fretboard, by Bill Berg, Nov'83
14. David Field dulcimer, whole, hearts
15. Dollhouse dulcimer, by Jim Blankman, Jul'83
16. Dulcimers by Jim Blankman, Maine ‘83
17. Doug Berch w his own dulc, 'lute' hole, sympth strings
18. Dulci-cello 7-str, by Sam Rizetta – alas, one of a kind!!
19. Dulcimers by Russel McCarty, in Elkins WVa
20. Fishy dulcimer by Russel McCarty,
21. 'Holey' dulcimer pair, Anne Grimes collection, Ohio
22. Homer Ledford kit, by Sally George, Bonnie Jones painting
23. Ken Sauvage w both his babies
24. Many dulcimers from a class, Mar '82
Leo Kretzner
12/08/21 05:53:45PM @leo-kretzner:

Thanks all, and thanks for the Likes to DavisJames! I have a number more of these to potentially do with old dulcimer pix and tunes. New Year's resolution! 

Mary Z. Cox
12/08/21 05:27:51PM @mary-z-cox:

Love them dulcimers :)

Dusty Turtle
03/27/21 11:41:16PM @dusty:

What a treat!

Robin Thompson
03/27/21 04:05:58PM @robin-thompson:

Leo, I enjoyed the tune so much and what fun to see all those mountain dulcimers!  My favorite had flowers painted on the top.  

Leo Kretzner
03/27/21 03:43:19PM @leo-kretzner:

Sandy River Belle is the first of many album tracks I'm going to post, these specifically having a LOT of the pictures of interesting dulcimers (sorry that's redundant) I took back in the 80s, and many of which have been posted here at FotMD. I plan to post the majority of those hundreds of pictures on YouTube, this being the numero uno entry!