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First Dulcimer is Nearly Done!

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Duration: 00:03:52
This is the first dulcimer that I made under the tutelage of Dwain Wilder, of Bear Meadow Folk Instruments. I'm really happy to be nearly done and to hear the little guy!
Mark Runge
09/19/14 06:31:51AM @mark-runge:

Thank you all for the kind words.

Really big smiles to all!

09/19/14 01:17:17AM @tumbleweed:

Hi Mark

You are quite the artist with both your music and craftmanship.

The dulcimer is absolutely beautiful!


Gail Webber
08/30/14 10:18:16AM @gail-webber:

That's a beautiful and nice sounding dulcimer, Mark! Great job.

08/29/14 02:58:14PM @pristine2:

Looks and sounds great!

Martha Campbell
08/29/14 02:24:27PM @martha-campbell:

Im very impressed- your dulcimer sounds wonderful!

Robin Thompson
08/21/14 06:15:31PM @robin-thompson:
Mark, your mountain dulcimer looks and sounds so fine. And, boy, is that walnut back stunning. The soundholes are unique so your instruments will be easily recognizable. You're off to a great beginning and I wish you luck with numbers 2, 3, 4, 5. . . !
jeffrey charles foster
08/21/14 10:03:35AM @jeffrey-charles-foster:

awesome sounding instrumentGrin.gif

Mark Runge
08/20/14 06:34:03PM @mark-runge:

Thank y'all for the kind words. I'm so pleased with this little guy. I knew that it was constructed well because I've worked really hard to make it so, but I wasn't sure how the sound would be. So WooHoo! indeed. And it is nuts-on with the intonation in the open string and at the 7th!

Some things I love about it are this: it is purely diatonic, the teardrop is a nice shape and my favorite right now for dulcimers; the action is really low; fiddle top; the tone; wooden pegs; fine tuners; the inside; the outside. I'm just so happy that I've made this instrument!

I used black walnut for everything except the top, which is redwood. This is a tried-and-true combination carried on by Dwain from his training with Walt. I'll keep the combination, for sure, for a whole mess of reasons. The one exception is that I may occasionally use Sitka spruce for a top.


The wood was cold-molded into shape, and I used hide glue and fishglue for most of it, which is great because I've got to take the top off. On #4 coat of varnish I dropped it. Did you know dulcimers can bounce like a basketball? It bounced four times before the ground cushioned its fall for good.I'll get it repaired so that I can bring it to the 2nd Annual Homer Ledford Dulcimer Festival next week!

If you want to see how I made this--and more about me and my diet than you'll ever need to know--I've been keeping a blog: . I have dreams of making art on my dulcimers.

I'm working on my second one.

Really big smiles to all y'all!

Ken Longfield
08/20/14 05:33:37PM @ken-longfield:

Mark, it looks good and sounds really sweet. You did well on your first instrument.


"The dulcimer sings a sweet song."

08/20/14 06:21:17AM @sam:

Amazing tone from this little gem! I think you've ... ahem ... 'nailed' this build!!! Grin.gif

Dusty Turtle
08/20/14 02:44:46AM @dusty-turtle:

Home, Home in the wood shop! Mark, you should be really proud of yourself. And it's been a treat for the rest of us to feel like we've been sharing your journey with you.

Congratulations! The first of many a fine instrument, I am sure!

Jan Potts
08/19/14 10:33:08PM @jan-potts:

How exciting, Mark, to have this one finished and be already working on your next one! You've worked REALLY hard on this, with each small part of this being an important element of the learning process.

You should be very proud, indeed! It looks and sounds great!Grin.gif

Colleen Hailey
08/19/14 08:58:18PM @colleen-hailey:
Gorgeous instrument, and such a mellow tone. What woods did you use? Love the wave soundholes.
Patty from Virginia
08/19/14 08:50:29PM @patty-from-virginia:

That's awesome Mark. It's beautiful and I love the tone too. Yes, you should be happy. You did a great job!!!

John Keane
08/19/14 08:40:29PM @john-keane:

So VERY proud of you, Mark! Live the dream, brother! We hope to see you in Winchester next week! Smile.gif