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Broom O' the Cowdenknowes/McPherson's Lament-Mountain Dulcimer

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Duration: 00:02:44
A wee bit o' taste of Scotland. Learned by listening to Mike Anderson. Modern Mountain dulcimer tuned DAd.
Carina Ehrlund
10/29/12 02:41:42PM @carina-ehrlund:

Very nice tune and you play very soft and nice!Smile.gif

09/22/12 09:49:13AM @foggers:

Two of my favourite Scots tunes! Beautifully played Phil. Thanks for sharing this.

Phil Myers
09/19/12 08:32:36AM @phil-myers:

Thanks friends!

John P, you know the tale of James McPherson..

Carrie, thanks for the "thumbs up"!

Gayle, there is some flat picking involved. Just pick the individual strings rather than strumming them. Randy Adams is one of the best flat pickers out there.

Robin, steal away-I did Grin.gif

Robin Clark
09/19/12 03:38:24AM @robin-clark:

That was lovely Phil (I may steal those tunes Smile.gif )

John Henry
09/19/12 02:40:27AM @john-henry:

What a treat to start the day with! Thanks Phil


John Keane
09/18/12 10:44:22PM @john-keane:

Very tasty...nice job!

Gayle Maurer
09/18/12 08:19:05PM @gayle-maurer:

Gosh that was lovely! Do you consider that flat-picking? I'm just learning all these techniques and am just amazed at the diversity. You play so well, I can tell you have been playing for awhile. Thanks for sharing.

Brian G.
09/18/12 07:23:05PM @brian-g:
Hi Phil. I really enjoyed this. The first tune was unknown to me. Very nice!
john p
09/18/12 06:15:19PM @john-p:

Nicely done Phil.

You do know that tradition demands you now smash the dulcimer over a stone Smile.gif

Hi Val.

john p