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Down the River on Dulciborn and Guitar

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Duration: 00:01:42
John Hawk on dulciborn and Phil Myers on guitar.
Karen Keane
02/03/13 05:34:51PM @karen-keane:
I love the sound of the instrument. Great job you guys.
Rob N Lackey
02/03/13 03:20:47PM @rob-n-lackey:

Great sound as well as great playing!

Phil Myers
02/03/13 02:49:43PM @phil-myers:

Thank y'all for the kind words! We just discovered a few days ago how good the dulciborn and guitar go together.Hard to stop playin' now.....

Dusty Turtle
02/03/13 01:31:07AM @dusty-turtle:

Well that one just rolls along, doesn't it? Nice, easy going tune I could listen to all day.

BJ Jordan
02/02/13 08:53:14PM @betty-bj-jordan:

Great job you two.


John Keane
02/01/13 06:26:41PM @john-keane:

Extremely well done y'all!