Robin Clark


Location: Tywyn, Gwynedd, Wales
Country: GB

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@Michael Fletcher, 03/14/16 02:22:47PM
You've grown some hair! The dulcimer I bought from you is still in Kington but I'm back in the States. It'll be awhile before I get back. Glad I found you on FOTMD.
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@Repp, 02/24/16 10:17:19AM
Blessings - thanks for sharing your youtube videos. John Knopf referenced your name. Love the Ed Thomas replica. A question for you - the unfretted drone strings on the Thomas replica - can you note/fret them like a fiddle or another fretless instrument? Thanks - Daniel @crossrepp
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@m.hagen05, 02/14/16 12:37:20PM
Hi Robin. this is Mark Hagen, Chas's brother. Just joined up and was looking at your page. It was very interesting. I wanted to say what fun it has been so far learning and working with you. A real pleasure. Thanks Mark