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A Meeting Of Souls - 1 Mar 16

Artist: robin.clark
Genre: dulcimer
Duration: 00:02:46

An improvisation on an old Leonard Glen Appalachian dulcimer against Indian tambura in Bb

03/02/16 02:26:50AM @pine:

So many little time! & on

I could easily listen to a 45 min. version with you playing.

You rock Robin...loved it!!!

Salt Springs
03/01/16 11:14:56PM @salt-springs:

Just read your tunings on the above post and you hit the tunings for the Sarod, which plays really well with the tambura......not to be a pain, but the Sarod uses Bb, F3, Bb3, and Eb4, plus drones...and get this steel strings comparable to Dulcimers (.08,.09. .11 and so on...steel, unwound).   By the way, I am not that bright, had to check with an old buddy who knows stuff like that because your dulcimer sounds so much like the Sarod it is uncanny.....again brilliant.

 Amjad Ali Khan would  love to hear you and Leonard Glenn would just have to give out a big whoop and a 'holler......just as Strumelia said.

I sure hope my Prichard arrives soon, lest I revert to 25 years ago when I was in to all that type of the way, when the Prichard arrives I am going to tell my wife that your playing made me have Kevin M. build it for me.  She will be surprised when it gets here........joyjoy   

Robin Clark
03/01/16 01:45:29PM @robin-clark:

Thank you so much everyone.

Strumelia - I used F3 - Bb3 - F3  (yes the bass and melody strings were tuned to the same note but obviously behave differently) string gauge 0.022w, 0.013, 0.013  The mode was Ionian with reversed drones.  I actually tuned the dulcimer by ear until it fitted the tambura track - I've just had to get out my tuner to find out what I was actually tuned to coz you asked the question blinders

There are loads of open source tambura tracks for meditation or instrument/singing practice.  This one was 45 minutes long so I just put it on headphones and played along letting the instruments take me where they wanted to go.  When I fell into a pattern I kept repeating I switched on the mic' and recorded the dulcimer.

Must dash out.  Need to put on my DJ for a formal St David's day dinner and I still have to write my speech!!!!!! 

Dusty Turtle
03/01/16 12:57:30PM @dusty-turtle:

That's terrific, Robin. How versatile you prove the dulcimer to be! And you play with such patience, allowing us to breath after each meditative line of music.

Salt Springs
03/01/16 11:45:39AM @salt-springs:

Now that is an amazing Raga.  I have often wondered if a dulcimer could be used in conjunction with some of the classical Indian tunings, given their a bit, re, ga, mah pah, dah, ni, sa and based on first note vice key.....I don't see why not as you just proved.........I just spent a bit of time finding a CD I have of pdt. Hariprasad Chaurasia playing Raga Yaman and as fate would have it found a copy of it on you tube.  There are a few runs in it, one at 15.29 and some towards the end that might be least in the Rythmic sense.  I have to tell you that tune you just posted brought me back to years ago, when I was playing Bansuri, (not particularly well, mind you) and my mind seemed to be in a better place.  Anyway, such a treat to hear to dig out all those old bansuri and see if this old man can huff and puff his way through one RAG.   Here is a link to pdt. Hariprasad Chaurasia.......btw, his son Rakeesh is worth a listen.  You are Brilliant!!

03/01/16 09:26:54AM @strumelia:

Robin, I love that!  Which mode did you tune to/what was your tuning?

Were you playing live with the tambura player?

I suspect Leonard would be kinda thrilled.  smile