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Elzic's Farewell - Glen Dulcimer - 8 Mar 16

Artist: robin.clark
Duration: 00:02:50

Elzic's Farewell played on an old Clifford Glen dulcimer with noter and goose quill.

03/13/16 10:18:03AM @macaodha:

Wonderful playing Robin.

Robin Thompson
03/12/16 08:33:48AM @robin-thompson:

I <3 drones!  

Way cool, Robin!

03/11/16 11:01:05AM @pine:

wow...a lot of work went into this one Robin...and you have the ears of a fox. I have an ever growing hearing deficit and rather severe mixing and production on my songs in my studio is becoming ever challenging. I probably miss a lot of the nuances and intricately subtle details that make a good song great. No matter how much time you spent on this, I think it was worth it. It's "in the can" now.. and "on the shelf" be listened to and enjoyed for many years to come by you, your family and friends, and people all over the world who will delight in this fine composition.

Robin Clark
03/09/16 09:13:19AM @robin-clark:

Many thanks Lexie, Steve and Pine,

I really enjoyed putting this recording together yesterday.  I had the original idea of playing Elzic's Farewell against tanpura and tabla a couple of days ago but it took a little thought to come up with how I was going to do so.  I bought some software that Indian musicians use which has sampled live recordings of tanpura and tabla. 

I started with the tanpura and found a tuning for the instrument that I gave me the drone I wanted in a key that would get the best from a dorian tuning on my Glen dulcimer.  I needed a bit of tension in the dulcimer strings to get the attack I wanted and so settled on the key of E, which gave me tanpura in Sa Pa tuning.  Then I went through tabla taal to find a rhythm and cyclical period to fit the tune in the right key.  Then I carefully tuned the dulcimer by ear to the tanpura and tabla, which are not in equal temperament or 440hz tuning, so forget using a tuner!!!

To record the track I practiced the tune on my dulcimer while listening to the tabla on headphones - I added tambourine to the tabla so I could hear the beat exactly.  When I was ready I switched on my Zoom H5 recorder and laid down the dulcimer track.  I then used Audacity to put the three tracks dulcimer, tanpura and tabla together.  I uploaded a version to Soundcloud but when listening back found the dulcimer recording had slightly the wrong tone and it wasn't quite right with the other instruments.  So I re-recorded the dulcimer using a different goose quill and that was much better.

I'd quite like to work out a way of using tanpura and tabla for a gig (I doubt I'll find Indian musicians in rural West Wales!).  I have an idea that I may be able to 'patch' my Boss loop pedal to give me a selection of tanpura and tabla tracks.  Mind you, playing dulcimer with my hands is hard enough let alone having to play tabla with my feet as well !!!!!

03/09/16 03:24:43AM @pine:

Outstanding! I totally loved this tune Robin...when those tablas kick in the whole tune transports the listener to another realm. A whole album of these songs would be bliss. A dulcimer based "Cosmic Caravan"!!

Steven Berger
03/08/16 04:58:18PM @steven-berger:

Sounds great!

Lexie R Oakley
03/08/16 02:57:47PM @lexie-r-oakley:

What a thrilling song, love the sound of this dulcimer.