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Improvisation around 1-3-5 tuning

Artist: Robin Clark
Genre: dulcimer
Duration: 00:02:06

Something a little different today from my usual noter drone playing. This is a chord melody improvisation in 1-3-5 tuning. Don't ask me where it came from - I have no idea !!!!

Robin Thompson
01/21/18 12:58:06PM @robin-thompson:

I'd hop on the elevator to hear this, Robin! 

01/15/18 11:39:25PM @irene:


needed on this ZERO degree weather in Nauvoo, Illinois.  aloha, irene

01/15/18 12:54:16PM @luigi:

Fantastic! Nice that you described the process of creation so accurately.

Mike Thurman
01/15/18 12:08:32PM @mike-thurman:

Wow.  That is really different for you.  I love it though.  Kinda  relaxing.

Cynthia Wigington
01/15/18 07:18:46AM @cynthia-wigington:

This was a warm surprise on this chilly day. And I'm thinking a lot of fun for familiar with Pancho de Lucia? Good stuff.

Robin Clark
01/15/18 06:20:36AM @robin-clark:


Very relaxed.

Yep - Dulcimer 'elevator' music Laugh

If you have said to me yesterday morning that I'd finish the day with a bossa nova track on dulcimer I'd have laughed !!!

It all started when I saw a post yesterday morning on ED talking about 1-3-5 tuning so I thought I'd give it a go.  I tuned my McSpadden to 1-3-5 and the first place I stuck a finger down and strummed gave me a major 7th chord.  So I slid the chord shape up a 4th and got another grin   The sound was very Latin American so I started to play around with strumming rhythms just using those two chords.  Then to get a bit of inspiration I searched for free Latin American drum tracks on YouTube and found a bossa nova track at 130 bpm I liked that I could fit my strumming pattern to.  I downloaded the drum track and began playing along to it sitting at my kitchen table.  I worked out a simple melody I could reach while playing the chords and added that.  Then I looked for a middle 8 higher up the fretboard.  Once I'd worked that out I put the whole tune together and played it through a few times against the drum track.  Then I switched on my Zoom H5, which I had sitting on a cushion on my kitchen table, and recorded the main dulcimer part while listening to the drums on headphones.  I uploaded the drum track and the dulcimer recording to Audacity, time shifted the two tracks so they lined up and then mixed them to taste.  On listening through I though the mix needed something else, so I improvised the opening sequence and added that to the start.  Then I added the dulcimer playing high chop chords to fill out the rhythm.  I did play around with a high lead improv but didn't have the time to do anything with it, as I was fitting all this in around all the other jobs I had to do yesterday!!!!!

And that, as they say was, that.

The greatest thing about our instrument is that if you let it lead you it can take you places you never imagined dulcimer


01/15/18 02:39:48AM @luigi:

Very relaxed.