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Location: Tywyn, Gwynedd, Wales
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Castell y Bere - 19 Apr 10

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04/20/18 06:26:16AM @elvensong:

Fantastic! I gotta dust off the noter and give that a try! You guys are having waaaaaaay too much fun for that to be legal!

It was almost as much fun to watch!


Thanks, Robin! hi5



Dusty Turtle
04/20/18 04:12:50AM @dusty-turtle:

Yes, time flies, but not as smoothly as your noter playing St. Anne's Reel!

04/20/18 04:05:38AM @macaodha:

How the years fly by Robin, the Dulcimer and you were meant to be with each other. Marvellous playing.

Robin Clark
04/19/18 06:47:52PM @robin-clark:

I made this video 8 years ago playing my first dulcimer.  I can remember that Chris and I had been playing in my kitchen but the rain stopped and we decided to nip the couple of miles up the valley to Castell y Bere to record the video because the location was so inspirational.  I had sat up on those rocks the very first day I got my first dulcimer and started to explore the instrument.

Well, blow me down if I didn't open the local paper today - exactly 8 years later - and see that two other old boys had chosen this out-of-the-way ancient location to discuss their musical influences and inspirations:

robert plant and brian johnson castell y Bere  19 Apr 18.jpg

Castell y Bere is not a popular tourist destination - in fact, you are pretty much assured to have the place to yourself most days.  So it seems a remarkable coincidence that Robert Plant should choose this castle, and that particular buttress, to relate the Welsh Celtic influence on Led Zeppelin.  Until that is you learn that Robert had a great connection with this place - his parents would bring him to our valley as a child and he then bought his own family here between Led Zeppelin tours so he could both unwind and find the space for inspiration.

The interview is being screened on Sky Arts and on Sky on Demand as part of Brian Johnson's A Life on the Road.


04/16/18 07:34:29PM @mtwaggin:

Absolutely fun and joyful!

Don Grundy
04/16/18 06:42:57PM @don-grundy:

WOW!  Well done!

Robin Thompson
05/10/10 08:41:05AM @robin-thompson:
Ah, a mandola. My husband had asked me what that instrument was so now I can let him know. Mandola and dulcimer pair well together.
Robin Clark
05/10/10 04:15:49AM @robin-clark:
Hi Robin,I've been away sea kayaking and mountain biking on the West Coast of Scotland this last week, so I've only just seen your question. The instrument is a mandola. I think that Chris has it tuned a 5th below a mandolin, the same as his tenor guitar. This gives a nice balance with an MD. The problem we have found when playing with an MD/mandolin duet (and MD/fiddle too) is that both instruments are in the same register. Switching one of the instruments down a 5th(I suppose a bartone MD/mandolin would also work fine?) gives a fuller sound.Robin
Robin Thompson
05/05/10 07:49:39PM @robin-thompson:
Robin, what is that little 12-string guitar thing called?
Robin Thompson
04/21/10 08:43:32AM @robin-thompson:
Robin, I like the wind, lambs, birds-- let's me know you're really in the out of doors. 3.gif
Robin Clark
04/21/10 03:41:18AM @robin-clark:
Thanks !We decided to leave the warmth of the kitchen (where we have been all winter!) and play outside. So I took my camera and had a go at making a YouTube clip. I ran out of card space 22.gif But the sound off the camera seems OK although it was a bit windy and has the odd lamb bleating and bird singing in the background. We are going to go back to play at the castle again as it is only 5 mins from our village and a lovely spot.So, a wind shield for the camera and a bigger SD card next time.
Robin Thompson
04/20/10 02:20:06PM @robin-thompson:
A pleasure to watch-- two thumbs-up here in Ohio!