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Location: in the Appalachian foothills of southeastern Ohio
Country: US

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Lost Doggie - in honor of Billy Boy

Lost Doggie - in honor of Billy Boy

style or instrument: lap dulcimer & guitar

musician/member name: Robin & Mark

streams: 47


Another tune from us which may put you to sleep. ;) Better sound quality can be had through ear buds or headphones. The tune is in honor of our foundling, Billy Boy. He's a good boy.
Robin Thompson
02/25/24 05:36:50PM @robin-thompson:

@davisjames It'd be a huge honor for Billy Boy's tune, most especially, if the dog doesn't die in the end. nod

02/25/24 03:21:33PM @davisjames:

If Wim Wenders("Paris,Texas") the German film maker èver makes a movie about a dog,this will be the theme song.

Robin Thompson
02/19/24 07:26:42AM @robin-thompson:

We're happy you enjoyed the little tune, @jim-dickens !  Many thanks for the nice comment.

Jim Dickens
02/18/24 07:36:22PM @jim-dickens:

Great little tune. I always look forward to hearing what you will post. 

Robin Thompson
02/18/24 06:07:11PM @robin-thompson:

We're lucky to have Billy Boy, Strumelia!  He was in sad shape when we found him on a road a little over 4 years ago.  He's a goofy little dog and it's perfect.  

Thanks for listening to our genre-defying tune!  

02/18/24 03:32:35PM @strumelia:

Billy Boy is so lucky to be staying with your family.  toivo

What a creative bluesy tune, Robin and Mark!  Has a touch of 'Western/tipsy/weary' to it, with just enough sadness yet hope... for the lost doggy!