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Zion Ridge

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:02:36
Recorded at a church burying ground back Zion Ridge-- we named the tune for this place-- in Morgan County OH. Two of Mark's great-grandparents are buried here and we discovered their grave when we housesat nearby over 35 years ago.
On our way out to Zion Ridge today, Mark rescued a raccoon which had a jar stuck on its head-- the raccoon never could have gotten the jar off.
Robin Thompson
09/12/21 08:33:56AM @robin-thompson:

Thanks for the kind comment, @dusty-turtle.  I wish we'd gotten the sound balanced better yet, oh, well.  :) We can always go back to Zion Ridge and try to get a better recording.   

We hope the raccoon has gone on to live a happy life!  This is in the wilds of rural SE Ohio.  

Dusty Turtle
09/12/21 02:50:59AM @dusty-turtle:

I can't believe I missed this.  Such sensitive playing on both of your parts!  It's hard to play with that much restraint.

Nice work with the raccoon.

Anyone else notice a bird flying by at 2:07?

Robin Thompson
08/14/21 02:03:16PM @robin-thompson:

Thanks so much, @kevin-burns!  

Kevin Burns
08/14/21 11:36:30AM @kevin-burns:

Very nicenod

Robin Thompson
08/11/21 04:15:17PM @robin-thompson:

Many thanks, @cynthia-wigington!  I know you are a guitar player so it is nice you have found another guitar player with whom you can play mountain dulcimer & guitar duets. 

We made a cd-- I'm not sure what year it was because the past several have become so jumbled together in my mind.  We have material for another project and all we have to do is record it, get it mastered, and make it public on Soundcloud.  haha  (No physical copies of this one, I think.)

I've used your drawing for my profile picture on facebook different times-- it is a cool drawing and I'm grateful you did it! 

Cynthia Wigington
08/11/21 01:00:10PM @cynthia-wigington:

I like this peacefulness so much. Found another guitar player to do music with so may do this with guitar and dulcimer. By the way, did you ever make that CD? I should have included PLUS a copy of your CD in the art price - whether you decided to use it or not LOL. So nice to hear your music.

Robin Thompson
08/06/21 07:59:32AM @robin-thompson:

@steven-berger Thanks a bunch!  

The raccoon with the jar stuck on it was a pitiful sight.  We hope it's fared okay since getting freed!   

Steven Berger
08/05/21 08:56:57PM @steven-berger:

Beautifully played! Glad Mark was able to save that raccoon, thereby aiding the raccoon population of Ohio!

Robin Thompson
08/05/21 08:21:07PM @robin-thompson:

Thank you, @strumelia!  Since there isn't much to this tune, sometimes, at home I find it is relaxing to just sit and play it.     

The raccoon struggled a bit, afraid, yet was okay enough to run up an embankment once it was freed.   

08/05/21 06:58:46PM @strumelia:

Wonderful tune and beautifully played by you two.

So happy to hear of Mark rescuing that poor raccoon. Good karma always comes back.  love

Robin Thompson
08/05/21 03:52:32PM @robin-thompson:

@gordon-hardy Thank you, my friend, for the kind comment!  

That raccoon never would've survived had someone not gotten off that jar.  We're glad we saw it!  

Gordon Hardy
08/05/21 03:26:55PM @gordon-hardy:

Lucky raccoon, lucky all of us. A beautiful place, beautiful tune and beautifully played. Thank you.