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Location: Widnes,Cheshire
Country: GB

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June Apple-wasp included

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Brian G.
07/24/14 10:20:26PM @brian-g:

I definitely enjoyed that. Thanks for sharing. :)

Steve Battarbee
06/28/14 08:33:24AM @steve-battarbee:
Thanks to John C for the info on the string guagesObviously I've been too exited to notice!Its so much lighter than my Red Kite and the staple frets just on the melody string take a little getting used to but Its a joy to playJames,Patty,John K and Ken thanks for your comments
John Henry
06/28/14 12:58:48AM @john-henry:

Thanks John C ! (I had the wound on the 'look-a-like' that I made, started experimenting with various gauges of music wire (as per RobinC) and have now lost the plot, lol)


Ken Longfield
06/27/14 11:00:02PM @ken-longfield:

Thanks Steve for sharing your dulcimer and playing. You did a fine job of playing and John did a fine job of building.


"The dulcimer sings a sweet song."

John C. Knopf
06/27/14 09:11:47PM @john-c-knopf:

String gauges are .012" plain and .020" wound, John.

(Now how would I know that?)

John Keane
06/27/14 07:12:51PM @john-keane:

Nicely done!

Steve Battarbee
06/27/14 06:32:54PM @steve-battarbee:
John HThanks for your comments and yes it is a pity about the distance but if I'm ever in your neck of the woods I'll definitely let you knowAs for string guages to be honest I'm not sure but I think they're .012I'm down at my daughters - without my new toy so I can't check at the moment
Steve Battarbee
06/27/14 06:24:07PM @steve-battarbee:
John I can assure you 'Honour' will not be spending much time on a wall!!
John C. Knopf
06/27/14 05:43:06PM @john-c-knopf:

I'm a proud papa, Steve! Grin.gif Nice job on that "June Apple" tune!

I love it when my customers enjoy the instruments I create for them, and don't just hang them on a wall somewhere.

John Henry
06/27/14 03:36:32AM @john-henry:

Yep! You've got the bug fer sure Steve, great stuff, pity we don't live a bit closer ! I put the same type of tuners on the one I made recently, quite happy to have done so ! What string gauges do you have on it ?

best wishes


Patty from Virginia
06/26/14 08:09:27PM @patty-from-virginia:

Steve, you did a fine job and that's a fine looking dulcimer!113.gif John makes a great dulcimerSmile.gif

James Phillips
06/26/14 06:22:02PM @james-phillips:

Nice job and nice dulcimer Steve!