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John Keane
07/15/14 01:12:21PM @john-keane:

Nicely done!

Steve Battarbee
07/14/14 04:25:34PM @steve-battarbee:
RobinThanks for the advice. Much appreciatedI did think the melody was getting a bit lost so I try what you've suggestedCheers
Robin Clark
07/14/14 01:17:21PM @robin-clark:

That pick is providing a nice strong tone Steve Smile.gif Have you tried working off of an in-strum lead stroke - so the beat falls on an in-strum rather than an out-strum? It is a little difficult to make the switch to in-strum lead if you have always played out-strum lead but it will give you another tone and rhythm as a possibility, plus coming off the melody string last on your stroke with a quill can emphasise the melody. As I said, switching lead stroke is not easy at first (it will feel really strange Frown.gif ) but it can be a very useful technique for noter drone players.

Steve Battarbee
07/13/14 01:05:30PM @steve-battarbee:
Thanks James - I'll maybe have a look at you tube although I think if prefer to keep things on fotmdPatty - I don't think the flock I've found are causing too much of a problem as it's quite an urban do have to watch where you're walking though as it's not just feathers they leave as you know!I think I might get more than just a few curious glances from the passing motorists if I start taking pot shots at the geese so I'll stick to collecting feathers!
James Phillips
07/12/14 11:40:43PM @james-phillips:

Great! What tuning are you using? Also, a suggestion is that maybe you could do a YouTube page, and then do the link from there, instead of a direct upload. Just a thought for what it is worth.

Patty from Virginia
07/12/14 09:08:41PM @patty-from-virginia:

Steve, you did a fine job on OJC. Another favorite of mine. I'm glad to know we aren't the only ones with flocks and flocks and flocks of Canada Geese. Most of ours don't fly north anymore. Our local game and fish department designates them as resident geese (deserves designation as a nuisance species as far as I'm concerned). They have given hunters generous bag limits on them. And yes, they leave lots of feathers behind among other things, LOLGrin.gif