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Down by the Elk

Down by the Elk
Duration: 00:02:30
A tune by Steve Battarbee on Appalachian Mountain Dulcimer played Noter/Drone style
Steve Battarbee
11/03/18 11:46:26AM @steve-battarbee:

Cynthia, Charles, Ariane thanks so much for your comments

Glad you liked the tune - and the camera work:-) 

Cynthia Wigington
11/03/18 07:50:45AM @cynthia-wigington:

Wonderful Steve, and I think that's the best angle I've ever seen for camera work and dulcimer playing - I didn't know there was a really good one possible - I hope everyone uses it now you've done it. Take care old friend.

Charles Thomas
10/26/18 10:34:58PM @charles-thomas:

Steve, That was Great! Lovely tune and your strumming has a wonderful flare! I really liked the angle you filmed this with.

10/20/18 10:02:12AM @ariane:

Very lovely tune, Steve!

Steve Battarbee
10/20/18 05:31:46AM @steve-battarbee:

Thanks! I’d love to hear your version if you get around to it

10/19/18 07:02:35PM @elvensong:

Very catchy tune Steve. I'm going to give this tune a try!