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Man of Constant Sorrow

Man of Constant Sorrow
Duration: 00:03:22
One of my favourites. Seems a pity to ruin it! :-)
Ken Backer
12/21/15 05:07:18PM @ken-backer:

Great version, Steve, love what you did with it.thumbsup

Steve Battarbee
12/21/15 03:40:44PM @steve-battarbee:

Terry I'll take 'super cool' all day long!

You're too kind but Thanks

Steve Battarbee
12/21/15 03:29:33PM @steve-battarbee:

Thanks Bob good of you to say so

i think the drones usually work well on those old tunes

Terry Wilson
12/21/15 03:17:54PM @terry-wilson:

That was super cool Steve.  Cool dulcimer too.

Bob Reinsel
12/21/15 09:19:55AM @bob-reinsel:

Steve, well done.  I think the drones add a level of intensity.  It's a great interpretation.

Steve Battarbee
12/20/15 07:01:46AM @steve-battarbee:

Sam, Lexie, Helen

thanks for your comments. Much appreciated 

Sam when someone says that they haven't heard something played the way I play it or that I play a different "version" my wife likes to say that that's because I'm playing it wrong!!

i guess all 'artists' have to suffer for their art

Lexie R Oakley
12/19/15 11:01:42AM @lexie-r-oakley:

Steve you played that tune fantastic. I really like the intro. and the your noting is great fun to watch. I really enjoy your singing also.thumbsup

12/19/15 05:28:05AM @sam:

Liked the addition of an intro. Wish I could come up with them for lots of melodies I try to struggle through. This is a favorite old song, never heard it like you play it. Nicely done, energetic, animated, lively and in good dulcimer fashion. You have a good singing voice too Steve.