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Location: Springfield, MO
Country: US

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John Henry
03/06/14 07:07:28PM @john-henry:

I agree with Robin, really like that sound !


Robin Thompson
03/06/14 06:32:52PM @robin-thompson:
That's a special noter, indeed!
Stewart McCormick
03/06/14 06:22:02PM @stewart-mccormick:

Ha ha, thanks! They really do! The round end fits in the hand and cylindrical end seems to move easier! Plus the violin peg is from my Grandpa's old practice fiddle that was passed to me. Its a wall hanger but now I can incorporate a couple memories every time I play :)

Robin Thompson
03/06/14 01:16:07PM @robin-thompson:
Your "ol' girl" has a lovely tone, Stewart!Violin and cello pegs make good noters.
03/05/14 10:46:20PM @strumelia:

That sounds great!

Kevin Messenger
03/05/14 09:52:44PM @kevin-messenger:

It sounds good Stewart, Now we need more . Keep posting.