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Help Keep FOTMD up and Running!

user image 2015-01-15
By: Strumelia
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Membership in Friends of the Mountain Dulcimer is FREE to all.  We gratefully accept donations towards the costs of maintaining this site- which includes hundreds of dollars annually in server and software costs. (you don't have to have a Paypal account to donate- Paypal accepts simple credit card payments as well.) A minimum donation of $5 please.  Read HERE  about FOUR different ways you can help support FOTMD. Questions? email  Together we can keep FOTMD up and running!     Click the Paypal button below to make a quick site donation:

NEW!-   Would you like to become a Special Patron of FOTMD? All donations are 100% applied to paying for site maintenance. Your generosity makes a big difference in what we can do to improve FOTMD!  Become a special 'Patron Member' simply by making a single donation of $35 or more.

In return, your patronage will be recognized for a year with a special Patron designation banner that will be displayed prominently under your member picture on your profile page.  Your Patron ID will show others your generosity in supporting this special site! Above is what the Patron  label looks like on member profile pages, right under your member picture.