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@ckmiv, 11/22/17 08:28:59AM
Hello. I know this is probably the wrong place to post this but, I couldn't find out how to message you. I registered for the site a few weeks ago and have never received another email to to activate my account. I have sent multiple emails to Bruce but haven't received anything from him. Can you help me with this?
Thank You.
@jeffrey charles foster, 08/17/16 09:38:52AM
Jeffrey C Foster.
@sandy morton, 08/05/16 10:56:48AM
Hi, I just wanted to say as a fellow cat lover and owner of 3, I love the pictures of your cats.So relaxed and loving tells me you are the same . I am new to the world of the Dulcimer but love every minute practicing. Just looking for a local group for further guidance. Wish you lived closer to me. Take care,Sandy Morton
@patriotic, 06/14/16 09:41:30AM
Just wanted to drop you a note and 'thank you" for the time you took to post the numerous videos on the Mountain Dulcimer that I found here on FOTD and through You Tube. I'm a very new player as I just received a Dulcimer as a gift a couple of weeks ago and wanted to jump right in and try to start learning this fascinating instrument. I found your videos and have been watching them to help me get started. You've done a great service to those wanting to learn how to play.