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@dtortorich, 01/05/19 12:35:49AM
Hello Stumelia, Happy New Year! Would love to hear some of your music. Please share. Thanks Bro. Dave
@Strumelia, 02/22/18 10:45:30AM
Hi John- you need to clear your browser Cache. That should solve the problem. Please google online as to how to Clear the Cache for your particular browser.
@John Shaw, 02/22/18 10:40:46AM
Hello Strumelia, Probably not the right place to post this, but this currently seems the only place which lets me make any comment. Anywhere else the enclosed rectangle within which to write a comment never appears. Can you advise me what may be happening? Thanks, John.
@jeffrey charles foster, 08/17/16 09:38:52AM
Jeffrey C Foster.
@sandy morton, 08/05/16 10:56:48AM
Hi, I just wanted to say as a fellow cat lover and owner of 3, I love the pictures of your cats.So relaxed and loving tells me you are the same . I am new to the world of the Dulcimer but love every minute practicing. Just looking for a local group for further guidance. Wish you lived closer to me. Take care,Sandy Morton
@patriotic, 06/14/16 09:41:30AM
Just wanted to drop you a note and 'thank you" for the time you took to post the numerous videos on the Mountain Dulcimer that I found here on FOTD and through You Tube. I'm a very new player as I just received a Dulcimer as a gift a couple of weeks ago and wanted to jump right in and try to start learning this fascinating instrument. I found your videos and have been watching them to help me get started. You've done a great service to those wanting to learn how to play.