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Ad Rates for rotating Main Page slideshow

Friends of the Mountain Dulcimer Rotating Ad slider  

Friends of the Mountain Dulcimer is the most extensive and active multimedia mountain dulcimer site on the internet today, making it the obvious choice for promoting your music talent, events, instruments, services, workshops, and merchandise. With over 3,000 regular members, and internet searches bringing in beginner players and brand new site visitors daily, FOTMD’s Main Page alone typically gets over 10,000 page views per month from a highly focused and motivated music loving audience.

We are very pleased to b egin offering banner ads for the very first time in our seven year history!

At a very low cost ($10-15/month) you can be among the first to showcase your offerings prominently on our Main home page. We've just made it incredibly easy and affordable to directly reach new potential customers who come to our site looking for information on dulcimers. Instead of waiting for online customers to find you, you can now be right where the customers come to talk about and look at dulcimers.

Ads are located on FOTMD's Main Page right smack in the middle of the action adjoining the Latest Activity Feed, and are hotlinked to open your website when clicked. Our two animated slideshows are large and eye catching. If you like, professional graphic design assistance in creating or optimizing your ad is also available at a super low cost, because we want you to be super pleased with your results.

  Ads must be music or dulcimer related. Subjects might include: music festivals, camps, & historic events, custom instrument builders and repair, music stores and websites, instructor workshops, concert appearances, musicians/bands for hire, Skype/online instruction, teachers, instrument stands, supplies & accessories, music scholarships and competitions, CDs/DVDs/books, recording services, instrument sales or rentals, music-themed jewelry & crafts.

Ad Rates:

Minimum time slot purchase is 2 months. Pre-paid in full, Paypal only. See additional terms below.*

2 months:  $30 ($15 per month)

4 months:  $52 ($13 per month)

6 months:  $66 ($11 per month)

1 year:  $120 (only $10 per month! )

Ads must be in .jpg, .tif, or .png format and must measure 535 pixels wide x 165 pixels high, and be no more than 300 kb in file size. I can help if you’re not sure.
Buy a longer time slot and swap out your ad seasonally while you save money!: For 2 month slots: you may swap/exchange an ad once during its time slot if you wish. For 4 or 6 month slots, a maximum of two exchanges is permitted. For 1 year slots, 3 exchanges maximum are permitted. However, your initial ad can go live right after you hand it in, and you can create other ads to swap out later during your time slot, as you find the time.

Need help?- I offer professional graphic design assistance in creating your ad (images/text/layout/color and file sizing) at a low cost of $30-40 depending on complexity.  I really want to keep this service accessible to everyone.

Additionally, for the duration of your ads you will have a "SPONSOR" label underneath your FOTMD member profile picture, on your Profile Page. This will identify you to other members as an active supporting sponsor of Friends of the Mountain Dulcimer.

To get your new banner ad seen front and center right away, please email Strumelia at:  


* Additional terms - PLEASE NOTE: No refunds for unused time portions, early ad removals, or cancellations. Graphic design fees are non-refundable. FOTMD and its owner are not responsible in any manner for disputes concerning sales or payments for merchandise or services arranged through the ads. All sales are arranged between the private parties and do not involve FOTMD. Please remember that all transaction discussions and business communications with your customers should be conducted outside of FOTMD through your own business or personal contact means- not by using FOTMD’s private message system. We may decline or remove any ad or vendor involved in disputes or activities deemed unethical or inappropriate by us. We reserve the right to refuse any ad for any reason.