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3 song melody

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Duration: 00:03:20
3 string McSpadden dulcimer; Roland Mobile Cube, battery powered amp.
Terry Wilson
12/10/15 07:31:34PM @terry-wilson:

Thanks Cynthia.  Good to hear from you.  I have two other amps, but since I bought this Roland Mobile Cube, it's the only one I use anymore.  Electric or batteries.  I've never played it electric, always batteries.  I always remove the batteries after use, hoping this will increase the life of the batteries.  

When I played this 3 song medley, I barely had the volume turned up.  It can get loud.

Merry Christmas to ya girl.  


PS:  Still playing "The old church yard".  It's about the only song I play noter/drone anymore.  Oh yeah, "Jessie James" too.    

Cynthia Wigington
12/10/15 05:54:40PM @cynthia-wigington:

Sounds great Terry, you've gotten really comfortable playing the dulcimer. I'll have to check out that Roland Mobile amp you use. It does not sound electric at all, just like a louder dulcimer. Best to you and yours in this season too.

Terry Wilson
12/07/15 02:03:58PM @terry-wilson:


You asked about the wood of my McSpadden.  It's an "all spruce".  Top, bottom, and sides.  And I love it.  

My second dulcimer I ever owned was a 6 string McSpadden, all walnut.  It had a lovely mellow sound.  I recently sold it to pay toward the purchase of a ukulele.   I also sold it because I wasn't playing it anymore.  Nothing wrong with walnut, but I prefer the all spruce.  Plus, it has a built in pickup, and this is important to me.  Sometimes I really miss the walnut though, but now it has a nice home and it's being played, the last I heard.

Maria, keep in mind that each dulcimer has it's own personality.  An "all spruce" might not sound exactly like another "all spruce", even from the same builder.  Pretty close most of the time, but never identical.

I also love my Roland Mobile Cube.  It's a take anywhere amp, all you need are batteries, and I keep spares in my gig bag.  

Hope this helps.





12/06/15 10:42:26PM @sleepingangel:


I love the sound of that dulcimer. I'm going to be 'eventually" hopefully sooner than later getting my first Acoustic electric. I'm seriously considering the McSpadden Hourglass. I was thinking about the walnut top back and sides with the ebony fretboard.

What kind of wood do you have on yours?

nice playing!

by the way I have the exact same amp!! very convenient and pretty darn loud for a small amp!


Terry Wilson
12/05/15 02:09:52PM @terry-wilson:

Thanks Marg.

12/04/15 11:06:27PM @marg:

Great  playing, nice dulcimer

David Pedersen
12/03/15 09:41:39PM @david-pedersen:

Hey I wasnt counting, good fun video. I happen to know all three. I don't have a complete melody like you but what the heck. Great view.

Terry Wilson
12/03/15 08:46:07PM @terry-wilson:

Ooops!!!!  I just realized I posted "3 song melody".

Correction:   "Three song medley"

Oh well......as everyone knows we here in South Georgia all drive old pickups with gun racks and hounds.  Not a lot of attention goes into spelling I guess.

Helen Seiler
12/03/15 08:08:29PM @helen-seiler:

Fantastic playing there Terry... my version of June Apple aint ever sounded right... now i know how to fix that.

Terry Wilson
12/03/15 05:05:57PM @terry-wilson:

Thanks Benjamin & Gordon.  Gordon, it's actually turned a little chilly and overcast this afternoon.  I bet it's around 55 even now.  Cold.

Gordon Hardy
12/03/15 03:47:47PM @gordon-hardy:

Great playing Terry, I sure like the effect of your little amp. I notice you said this is a re post. If it's that pretty in your neck of the woods today, I'm gettin' on the next plane headed south.

Ben Barr Jr
12/03/15 12:33:50PM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

Nice playing.  The only one that I recognized was Wildwood Flower.  The other two I have heard, but just not familiar enough to identify them when I hear them.

Terry Wilson
12/03/15 09:46:55AM @terry-wilson:

I decided to post this video again.  I posted it earlier but somehow it disappeared.  Boogers I guess.  The songs are in this order:   Wildwood Flower, June Apple, Sugar Hill, and then Wildwood Flower again.

Not without mistakes, but who's counting.