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The Water is Wide on McSpadden Ginger

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Duration: 00:01:43
The Water is Wide on McSpadden Ginger dulcimer. I haven't played it lately and forgot how much I love her sweet little voice.
Dusty Turtle
07/03/18 05:00:17PM @dusty-turtle:

Very nice. Your playing really brings out the sweet tone of that dulcimer.

05/06/18 03:00:38AM @cappa960:

So peaceful ! Compliments !

Jack Ferguson
10/11/16 10:00:39PM @jack-ferguson:

Very pretty...

Gail Webber
10/11/16 09:41:13PM @gail-webber:

Aw, thank you Terry.  That's very nice.

Terry Wilson
10/11/16 07:55:45PM @terry-wilson:

Gail, no kidding, your song is other world pretty.

Even if I bought myself a Ginger, it would never in my wildest dreams sound like yours.

Thank you for the beautiful song.

Christine Shoemaker
09/30/16 04:11:12PM @christine-shoemaker:

Absolutely gorgeous!  Thank you Gail!!!  smile

09/30/16 02:16:06AM @marg:

Very nice, sweet

Gail Webber
09/28/16 11:21:42AM @gail-webber:

Thanks everyone.  Guest appearance by Shadow, the cat - lol!

Lexie R Oakley
09/28/16 10:38:08AM @lexie-r-oakley:

Very beautifully played Gail, nice to see you!

Terry Wilson
09/28/16 09:18:30AM @terry-wilson:

That was sure pretty, Gail.

Ben Barr Jr
09/27/16 10:04:14PM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

Oh, that is lovely. 

Gail Webber
09/27/16 08:10:13PM @gail-webber:

Thanks Monica - glad I'm keeping her.


09/27/16 07:38:19PM @monica:

What a sweet sounding dulcimer Gail!!

Gail Webber
09/27/16 05:22:16PM @gail-webber:

Thank you, Gordon.


Gordon Hardy
09/27/16 04:38:37PM @gordon-hardy:

She does sound sweet indeed!