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Cold Frosty Morn

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Duration: 00:02:13
Cold Frosty Morn on Probst dulcimer - good tune for a morning that was 13 degrees!
Gail Webber
01/11/18 10:24:41AM @gail-webber:

Thanks Robin! Thank you for the history on the tune and the lyrics you have written.  You did a great job on those.

Robin Clark
01/11/18 05:16:13AM @robin-clark:

Gail, that's a lovely rich sound and such delicate playing - wonderful smile

This tune is often played quite fast at sessions but I love it slowed down to a lament as you have done here.  The tune was reportedly written to commemorate the Battle of Culloden in Apr 1746 just outside Inverness, Scotland where the King's troops led by the Duke of Cumberland routed the Jacobites led by Bonnie Prince Charley.  A defeat that led to Charles' escape back to France (the Skye boat song) and the first 'clearance' of the Highlands.

A couple of year's back I wrote some lyrics about the battle to go with the tune that I've attached below, should anyone be inclined to sing along !!!!



Gail Webber
01/09/18 09:19:53PM @gail-webber:

Thanks Marc.  It was cold and frosty enough for me here in North Carolina with some mornings in the single digits and 8 days of never getting above freezing!  I can't even imagine -47!


Gail Webber
01/08/18 04:42:06PM @gail-webber:

Oh, thank you Paula.  It isn't a baritone, but I have it tuned down slightly from DAd to C#G#c#.  I just like the sound of it better there.  If I'm playing it with a group, I just tune it back up.

Paula Brawdy
01/08/18 04:30:14PM @paula-brawdy:

Love your playing and the sound of your Probst...Is it a baritone?   

Gail Webber
01/06/18 01:38:59PM @gail-webber:

Nicely done, Luigi!


01/06/18 01:26:22PM @luigi:

Here is the first take of my version. I played in DAdd / capo 1. fret. It seams easier than to play it in DGdd.

Dusty Turtle
01/02/18 01:17:20PM @dusty:

Gail, if you had just said, "I play this tune in Eb so that I can jam with an oboe and French horn" I would have thought you were the coolest kid in school.  giggle

Gail Webber
01/02/18 09:51:43AM @gail-webber:

Thanks everyone for your nice comments.  This can be played in the key of E minor - dulcimer tuned to DAd with capo on the first fret. The tab I used to learn it was by Dave Haas from his Let's Jam book.  I keep the Probst tuned to C#G#c# because I think that's where it sounds best for me and played it with capo on the first fret.

01/02/18 08:09:15AM @luigi:

I look´s like a capo on the first fret. I think the tuning is DGdd. That´s also my tuning for this piece. I tried it also with a capo on the 4.frets in DAdd, but the other tuning is my preference.

Cynthia Wigington
01/02/18 06:44:34AM @cynthia-wigington:

This is beautiful and accurate with 27 below zero in Vermont this morning. Was a lovely starlit walk though. Luigi, I may be wrong but I believe it's DAc. That's a wonderful dulcimer Gail.

01/02/18 03:14:21AM @luigi:

Wonderful Gail! I´m also just working on that tune. What tuning do you use?

Dusty Turtle
01/01/18 09:33:51PM @dusty:

Nice playing, Gail.  And what a nice sound you get out of that Probst!

Lexie R Oakley
01/01/18 03:26:44PM @lexie-r-oakley:

Lovely Gail, I am happy to hear your Probst.

Boy we are -37 with the wind chill. It has been zero and below the whole holiday, but warming up tomorrow 20's 30's this week.