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Elk River Blues (in noter & drone style)- for John Henry, on a dulcimer built by WV Maker, A.R.Kern

Elk River Blues (in noter & drone style)- for John Henry, on a dulcimer built by WV Maker, A.R.Kern

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Robin Thompson
01/31/18 08:28:02PM @robin-thompson:

Friends, you are all so kind.  Truly, I appreciate your taking the time to listen.  The resurrection of this recording got me playing Elk River Blues  this morning when I had a bit of a chance to play.  

Dusty Turtle
01/31/18 08:07:14PM @dusty-turtle:

Robin, you play with such a sensitive touch.  Not just on this tune, but all your playing.  Its so expressive.

01/31/18 07:53:38PM @marg:

So beautiful, thank you for sharing


01/31/18 07:23:06PM @gerald:

Thats the kind of sound that makes the MD so magical ! Great rendition of the tune. Thanks for posting.

Robin Thompson
01/31/18 06:57:06AM @robin-thompson:

Friends, I'm happy you like the tune-- all I had to do was, as I've heard Don Pedi say, get out of the way of the tune.  

At the following link, you can see a bit of history about the Carpenter family in West Virginia.  In the final paragraph, you will see Sutton Dam mentioned.  The flooding of family land was what inspired Ernie Carpenter to compose Elk River Blues.

PS- Shelvin' Rock is a great tune, too!  I need to see if I can work it out on mountain dulcimer someday.  

Robin Clark
01/31/18 04:32:30AM @robin-clark:

Lovely Robin smile   Such a wonderful sound!!!

John C. Knopf
01/30/18 09:29:11PM @john-c-knopf:

Just lovely, Robin!  I can just picture one of the Ritchie girls playing that on the porch some summer night in Kentucky.

01/30/18 07:56:12PM @papasims:

That sound is the reason I'm trying to play n/d style more these days.  Just playing since August '17 but the instrument has certainly come to dominate a large portion of my free time.

Cynthia Wigington
01/30/18 05:25:02PM @cynthia-wigington:

Wow, what a beautifully expressive version of this on a very rich sounding dulcimer. I just love this tune and play it but not like that lol.

Bob Reinsel
01/30/18 04:34:33PM @bob-reinsel:

Robin, that's beautiful.  

01/30/18 02:38:46PM @macaodha:

Very nice Robin, you have that lovely old timey touch.

Robin Thompson
01/30/18 10:16:05AM @robin-thompson:

Thank you for your kind comment, Dulcinina !  

I'd forgotten all about this recording and I've been reminded what a special tune WV fiddler Ernie Carpenter composed. 

01/30/18 07:47:26AM @dulcinina:

Thanks for that tune, Robin.  I love to hear you play and seeing you is even better. Dulcinina