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Location: in the Appalachian foothills of southeastern Ohio
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At Eventide

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:01:58
Mark & I play together, as usual, on mountain dulcimer in noter/drone style and guitar. :) This is a little tune we've been working on and we call it "At Eventide". Our apologies for the guitar player not being more visible-- we were working to get the sound balanced as well as we could.
Robin Thompson
12/31/22 08:45:21AM @robin-thompson:

@cindy-stammich Thank you!  We are happy there is a quality about it which makes you happy! sun

Cindy Stammich
12/31/22 12:47:05AM @cindy-stammich:

I really love this!  There is a. certain quality about it that just makes me so happy - I think this song needs to be looped 🎶🎶🎶

Robin Thompson
12/29/22 09:42:11AM @robin-thompson:

Many thanks, @studentofrhythm !  We struggled to get the sound balanced by positioning ourselves so the guitar didn't overwhelm the dulcimer.  Mark needs quieter guitars.  haha

12/28/22 09:16:22PM @studentofrhythm:

Good tune, good recording.  Reminds me of summer.

Robin Thompson
12/28/22 03:13:31PM @robin-thompson:

Hey, @dusty-turtle, we were hoping we were tight enough! hi5  Even though we haven't played music throughout our marriage, four-plus decades of being together may account for some of how we play together.  

Maybe sometime Mark can switch guitars, change to one which doesn't overwhelm the sound of the dulcimer, and we can make a little movie.  Really, I'm lucky to have such a good guitar picker in the house.  

Dusty Turtle
12/28/22 12:50:57PM @dusty:

As the kids say, "you guys are tight!"  Really in synch with one another.   

Maybe you can do another recording that will allow us to see Mark, or at least his guitar and picking.  I am always impressed at his precise and careful accompaniment that never demands attention and lets the dulcimer shine.

Robin Thompson
12/28/22 11:49:35AM @robin-thompson:

@strumelia Thanks for watching and for the nice comment!   Mark is the one who has to work hard because I'm just playing on one string.  Noter power! winky  

12/27/22 08:36:30PM @strumelia:

You two make it seem so easy... but i know that's a bit deceptive. Working together weaving a tune is such a beautiful and intimate dance..  you both do it so gracefully.

Robin Thompson
12/26/22 11:41:02AM @robin-thompson:

@ariane Thank you, dear friend!  We wish you a new year filled with much love & light!  

-Robin and the Guitar Man  :)

12/26/22 11:24:13AM @ariane:

Dear Robin and Mark - this tune is another wonderful one - thank you so much - it is a joy to hear (your guitar man) and see you playing dulcimer

Best wishes over the pond


Robin Thompson
12/24/22 04:58:00PM @robin-thompson:

@cynthia-wigington, it's an honor to be played at your house the night before Christmas for you and your mouse!  

P.S.- Not only is a mountain dulcimer more fun to play, it weighs several pounds less than an autoharp and is easier to wrangle.  

Cynthia Wigington
12/24/22 04:48:46PM @cynthia-wigington:

You two sure brighten up the night before Christmas with only a mouse in the house. Thanks so much. Sure does sound like an autoharp, but more fun to play.

Robin Thompson
12/24/22 02:00:33PM @robin-thompson:

@randy-adams, I'm thinking the doubled middle drone gives the sound a bit more punch making it autoharp light.  :)  

When we're playing, I'd rather hear him, too.  Some other times, I'd rather just see him.  haha Markie's a keeper!  

Thanks, Randy, and I hope your holidays and the coming year are music-filled!  

Randy Adams
12/24/22 12:41:17PM @randy-adams:

You playing an autoharp there Robin? : ) you're pulling some superb tone outa that box.

Hey I'd rather hear him than look at him anyways : )

And what a wonderful vocabulary addition the title thank you Robin.