Rockin' in the Free World

Rockin' in the Free World
A group for those of you who like to play music not normally associated with the mountain dulcimer (e.g. Rock, Celtic, Bluegrass, etc.) Share your TABs, experiences, MD sightings, etc. here.

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Rob N Lackey

Gardner Winter Music Fest - full set

@Rob N Lackey started 3 weeks ago - replies: 0
Duncan Gibbs

21st Century Schizoid Man

@Duncan Gibbs started 2 months ago - replies: 2
Janene Millen

Time After Time - Cyndi Lauper cover

@Janene Millen started 6 months ago - replies: 0
Janene Millen

La Vie En Rose

@Janene Millen started 6 months ago - replies: 2
Sam Edelston

Desperado on a Dulcimer

@Sam Edelston started last year - replies: 5
Tom McDonald

Where Have All the Flowers Gone? (again)

@Tom McDonald started 10 months ago - replies: 3
Janene Millen

Both Sides Now - Joni Mitchell cover

@Janene Millen started 10 months ago - replies: 4
John Keane

Monkee-ing Around!

@John Keane started last year - replies: 4
Duncan Gibbs

Fanfare For The Common Man

@Duncan Gibbs started 11 months ago - replies: 4
Rob N Lackey

Outlaw Country

@Rob N Lackey started last year - replies: 6


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