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Farewell to Uist

Farewell to Uist

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And here is another musical greeting with my other favorite instrument tin whistle - besides the hammered dulcimer - and newly of course the mountain dulcimer :)
04/16/18 05:54:02AM @ariane:

@Elvensong - thank you very much - what a great idea to collaborate. I will send you a private message. jive

04/15/18 05:40:13PM @elvensong:

Du schmelzst mein Herz mit deinem musik! bighug

I hope that translates to "You melt my heart with your music!"

I would love to collaborate with you if you find the time. I have songs that would be even  better with a tin whistle. My wife LOVES the tin whistle and was blown away by this piece.

Thanks for sharing! Another song for my repertoire! 


02/22/18 02:43:36PM @ariane:

Herzlichen Dank Cynthia für Dein Kompliment.

Cynthia Wigington
02/20/18 02:45:29PM @cynthia-wigington:

So selten hoert man dass so gut gespielt - was eine Freude.

02/19/18 02:05:19PM @ariane:

Thank you both for your kind comments - yes, this is a low G metal whistle (from Ian Lambe).

I am very happy that you like this tune.

02/19/18 01:11:39PM @strumelia:

Very lovely playing!  (far better than I play the whistle!)

Is that a low G whistle you are playing on?  Just guessing.  Is it a metal whistle, or polymer?


02/19/18 08:59:01AM @dulcinina:

Very nice, Ariane.  A lovely tune on tin whistle. Dulcinina