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Yearning for the Noble Knight

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:04:04
During the recording of this composition I more and more got the impression that it sounded kind of mystical, medieval and dreamy and so the image of a lady "Yearning for the Noble Knight" arose...

I would be happy if you liked it...

Best enjoyed with headphones!


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10/27/18 05:37:52AM @ariane:

Irene - I don't know what to say - I am VERY moved by your lovely comment - thank you so so much!

10/27/18 05:18:57AM @ariane:

Thank you so much, Charles - I love your beautiful description of your image of the tune.

10/27/18 12:13:19AM @irene:

Ariane, you really bring a unique way of doing everything to this site.  I just love all the variety that you share.  I love all the instruments that you play ...and your visuals that go with many of them.  You are awesome.  I do hope you'll someday come to the USA and attend a Dulcimer festival so many of us can meet you.  aloha, irene

Charles Thomas
10/26/18 11:13:58PM @charles-thomas:

Ariane, Your tune is beautiful! I was wisked away to a forest clearing with moss covered boulders and a stream rippling, the knight riding through looking for his lady fair.

10/26/18 09:02:41AM @ariane:

Thank you very much, Terry, for your kind comment.

Terry Wilson
10/25/18 08:26:07PM @terry-wilson:

Ariane, that is sure pretty.

10/21/18 05:51:28AM @ariane:

Thank you so much, Robin!

I tried my first noter/drone piece - I thought noter/drone would be easier to play but one has to be very exact so that the music does not sound too "jaunernd/verschmiert" - is it "howling", "smudgy" - I have not found the correct translation I fear grin

Robin Clark
10/21/18 04:17:54AM @robin-clark:

A lovely composition and great video.  A joy to watch/listen on a Sunday morning over here in Wales.

10/20/18 10:04:42AM @ariane:

Thank you so much, Dean, for your very kind comment - I love the word "ear candy" - it is a lovely image sun

10/19/18 06:57:46PM @elvensong:

Very dreamy tune, Ariane! This mix is like ear candy. And definitely listening in headphones is required - it takes you to a whole new place!