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Good Wish Song 2021

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:03:03
Online Project Jan/Feb 2021 of members of mountain dulcimer facebook groups:

Specifications were: tuning in DAD / key in D / four-four time

I asked to send me a notation of a 2 bar "composition" with the fret numbers of the melody string and the note value (whole, half, quarter, eighth note, pauses etc.) - so to say in melody/drone style.

Everybody who would like to could also think of a song text for his/her 2 bars expressing for example a good wish for the new year and write it below the notes.

I would then write down a song with a suitable combination of all received 2-bar compositions and would send it to all participants for their recording (either only instrumental or also with vocals)

The idea of this composition was a good wish song for 2021 😊


Within a short time the participant's list has increased to 12 and after I had received all twelve 2 bar-compositions I started to puzzle them together so that a nice melody came out and wrote it down.

I have set up a project chat group and it was a delight to see the lively discussion and brain storming regarding the initial arrangement...some wanted to add chords, some an intro and outro, some to reduce the tempo.

Ron has written down all agreed additional wishes/suggestions in a new sheet music and made an orientation recording so that the recording phase for the group could start.

An alto voice was added by Barbara and a bass line by me.

In the final mix you can hear duets, trios, quartets up to the whole dulcimer orchestra of 12 musicians/respectively 7 singers coming from the USA, Austria and Germany.

I would like to thank all participants for their enthusiasm, musicality and time for this project - here they are in alphabetic order:

Cindy Barbee (PA/USA)
Maureen Blankenbeckler (WV/USA)
Scott Conner (IN/USA)
Sharon Foley Eastvold (NM/USA)
Barbara Himberger (Austria)
Ariane Klauer (Germany)
Shawn McCurdy (GA/USA),
John Renwick (NC/USA)
Renée Robertie (NH/USA)
Debbie Velasquez (NM/USA)
Cyn Williams-Bowen (FL/USA)
Ron Zuckerman (AL/USA)

12 composers - 12 x 2 measures (independently composed/texted) - 12 mountain dulcimer players - 7 singers - ONE song!

Please enjoy! (best listened to with headphones)

Tabs can be downloaded from my website:
05/04/21 07:51:54AM @ariane:

Thank you very much, dear John, for your very kind comment! flower

John W. McKinstry
04/24/21 06:09:46PM @john-w-mckinstry:

Thank you Ariane and your whole ensemble of players. Beautifully done and also with such an uplifting message. Thank you again.

02/27/21 08:56:34AM @ariane:

Thank you very much, Robin and Dusty, for your kind comments - I am happy that you like it. HUG

Dusty Turtle
02/14/21 01:44:37AM @dusty-turtle:

What a cool project. flower It is so moving to hear this international collaboration of good wishes.grphug

Robin Thompson
02/13/21 08:47:00AM @robin-thompson:

Ariane, oh, this is wonderful!  I don't know how you all did this by distance yet am so glad you did this project.  Thank you for the music, folks!