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Es kommt ein Schiff geladen (A Ship is Coming Laden)

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:02:26
Text: 15th century (found in the Strasbourg Dominican convent of St. Nikolaus
Melody: beginning of 17th century.


Es kommt ein Schiff, geladen
bis an sein' höchsten Bord,
trägt Gottes Sohn voll Gnaden,
des Vaters ewigs Wort.

Das Schiff geht still im Triebe,
es trägt ein teure Last;
das Segel ist die Liebe,
der Heilig Geist der Mast.

Der Anker haft' auf Erden,
da ist das Schiff am Land.
Das Wort will Fleisch uns werden,
der Sohn ist uns gesandt.

Zu Bethlehem geboren
im Stall ein Kindelein,
gibt sich für uns verloren;
gelobet muß es sein.

Und wer dies Kind mit Freuden
umfangen, küssen will,
muß vorher mit ihm leiden
groß Pein und Marter viel,

danach mit ihm auch sterben
und geistlich auferstehn,
das ewig Leben erben,
wie an ihm ist geschehn.

English Translation:

There comes a galley, laden
Up to the highest board;
She bears a heav'nly burthen,
The Father's eterne Word.

She saileth on in silence,
Her freight of value vast:
With Charity for mailsail,
And Holy Ghost for mast.

The ship has dropt her anchor,
Is safely come to land;
The Word eterne, in likeness
Of man, on earth doth stand.

At Bethlem in a stable,
To save the world forlorn
(O bless Him for His mercy),
Our Saviour Christ is born.

And whosoe'er with gladness
Would kiss him and adore,
Must first endure with Jesus
Great pain and anguish sore.

Must die with Him moreover,
And rise in flesh again,
To win that life eternal,
Which doth to Christ pertain.


I would be happy if you enjoyed it...

(Best listened to it with headphones!)







Sweet Woods Instruments Student Mountain Dulcimer
FolkRoots MAX DAD Standard/Bass Hybrid mountain dulcimer
Dulci-Lin (Scott Conner)


pictures: pixabay

12/25/21 07:11:48AM @ariane:

Dear Lisa, Dusty and Robin, thank you so much for your very kind comments - I appreciate them very much and am very happy that you enjoyed the music.grphug

Robin Thompson
12/24/21 05:12:04PM @robin-thompson:

Everything about your video is so lovely, Ariane!  Your beautiful gift to us is a treasure!  Merry Christmas!  

Dusty Turtle
12/24/21 04:09:39PM @dusty-turtle:

Merry Christmas, Ariane.  Thanks for sharing this tapestry of strings with us.

12/24/21 11:33:55AM @strumelia:

Ariane, this is such a beautiful Christmas gift from you to all FOTMD members!

So sweet and poignant. I especially love when the second higher dulcimer joins in. This recording really shows off the haunting beauty of using drone strings in the background.

Thank you so much for creating this video and sharing it with us! 

12/23/21 11:19:24AM @ariane:

I wish you all Merry Christmas!