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Missing You - fretted dulcimer

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Duration: 00:01:56
Was fooling around the other day with my all-cherry McSpadden Ginger dulcimer, and this simple little tune was the result. 2014 :)
Brian G.
02/20/14 09:24:51PM @brian-g:

Thank you Stephanie!

Brian G.
02/20/14 08:59:21AM @brian-g:

John H - I appreciate you revisiting AND not using the shirt word once. :)

John Henry
02/20/14 07:21:45AM @john-henry:

Yep! Keep coming back to this.(and I've not used the shirt word once )


Brian G.
02/20/14 07:16:42AM @brian-g:

Thank you RN! I appreciate you having a listen. :)

Rob N Lackey
02/20/14 06:32:56AM @rob-n-lackey:

That's great, Brian. You've brought out the lovely voice of that Ginger with a beautiful melody.

Brian G.
02/18/14 06:14:50AM @brian-g:
Thank you Teri. I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)
teri awbrey
02/18/14 12:35:39AM @teri-awbrey:

I really loved this. You did a great job.

Brian G.
02/16/14 10:53:59PM @brian-g:

Cindy and Dusty - thank you! Very kind of you. :)

Dusty Turtle
02/16/14 09:49:38PM @dusty-turtle:

That's very pretty, Brian. Congratulations on your new creation.

Cindy Stammich
02/16/14 08:44:00PM @cindy-stammich:

Wow that was beautiful! I love it! Went into my favorites!Smile.gif

Brian G.
02/16/14 08:21:05PM @brian-g:

Thank you very much Helen!

Helen Seiler
02/16/14 04:16:01PM @helen-seiler:

That is such a sweet tune Brian and as always, beautifully played with lots of feeling.

Brian G.
02/16/14 03:47:15PM @brian-g:

Thank you very much Ken!

Ken Backer
02/16/14 10:01:15AM @ken-backer:

That is a really sweet tune, Brian.The bestcreativity comes to us when we are just fooling around, rather than forcing it to happen. Ya done well here 41.gif

Brian G.
02/16/14 07:41:44AM @brian-g:
Thanks Marion! No plans for lyrics; I think it will stay an instrumental.
Marion Seaman
02/16/14 03:27:20AM @marion-seaman:
Lovely - listened to it twice! catchy tune - planning any lyrics?Marion
Brian G.
02/15/14 07:37:35PM @brian-g:

Thank you Karen. :) Glad you liked it.

Karen Keane
02/15/14 06:46:42PM @karen-keane:
I love it when a messing around session turns into a beautiful mess. Well done!
Brian G.
02/15/14 06:28:31PM @brian-g:

Hi JK, Patty and Steph! Thank you very much. :) Patty, I scribbled some shorthand down so between that and the video I'll remember it in case I want to actually write music for it or fool around with it in some way.

Patty from Virginia
02/15/14 03:19:09PM @patty-from-virginia:

Brian, that is really pretty!!! Did you write it down?