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The Frost is All Over/Sixpenny Money - fretted dulcimer

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Duration: 00:02:13
More fooling around with an all-cherry McSpadden Ginger dulcimer I hadn't been playing much lately. Tuned 1-5-8.
Brian G.
10/12/14 08:31:53AM @brian-g:

Thank you Gary, I'm glad you enjoyed it. It is flatpicking with chords, yes. :)

Gary McNaughton
10/12/14 08:14:16AM @gary-mcnaughton:
That sounds so good Bryan GI used to sing the words to that 1st jig to mOur kids when they were littleIs that style called flat picking?Its superb.
John Turner
03/04/14 06:59:52PM @john-turner:

Thanks for the reply Brian. I lowered my GDG ginger down a semitone today and it sounds really nice. So I think I'll keep it there as I have other dulcimers at concert pitch. I also have one of my guitars tuned down a fret, which I think some guitarist's do/did. It's nice to experiment isn't it! Although I've never really got into open tunings on guitar. All the best for now Brian. John T

Brian G.
03/03/14 11:05:21PM @brian-g:

Hi Janene. Thanks for the kind words. :) Mine is compensated for DAD, and I have no problem going down to CGC with McSpadden's recommended gauges for DAD.

Janene Millen
03/03/14 10:07:03PM @janene-millen:

I'm loving this, and the left hand plucking is a great touch.

I haven't comfortably tuned any of my Gingers below DAD as you've indicated you have before...down to CGC or C#. I think the strings felt too loose to me.

Re. earlier discussion of the Ginger tunings. I haveone of eachGDG and the other with the bridge compensation for a DAD tuning. When you order a McSpadden Ginger you are asked what tuning you plan to use as to whether you get the "bridge compensation" for the lower DAD tuning. I haven't tried to tune a "regular" GDG Ginger down to a DAD...maybe others have with no perceived problem???

Anyway you got a great rich deep sound from your Ginger in this.

Brian G.
03/03/14 09:27:21PM @brian-g:
Thank you John. :) Yes, I keep this ginger strung for DAD tuning, and often go down to C# or C with it. More often C#.
John Turner
03/03/14 08:46:28PM @john-turner:

Great playing and lovely sound! The " Ginger " is usually tuned GDG or sometimes DAD I believe. Your tuning sounds lower more like C# ? ( My McSpadden Ginger is tuned GDG )

Could you tell me if you've lowered the strings and what to, as this sounds perfect for jigs and reels etc.

Thanks, John T

Brian G.
02/21/14 05:52:35PM @brian-g:

Hi Dusty. Thank you very much for your generous comments. No amplification here, just me and my Ginger. :)

It's almost 6:00pm here. Guinness sounds pretty good about now...

Dusty Turtle
02/21/14 02:42:01PM @dusty-turtle:

This is fantastic, Brian. Your talents are really on display here. Are you not amplified at all? Some of your hammer-ons and pull-offs get an enormous amount of volume. Really good stuff. (To be honest, this puts me in the mood for a pint of Guinesss. Too bad it's not even noon yet.Frown.gif)

Brian G.
02/16/14 08:20:46PM @brian-g:

Thank you Helen!

Helen Seiler
02/16/14 04:12:22PM @helen-seiler:

Wow Brian, that's some pretty fabulous fooling around. Love it. Thanks for posting.

Brian G.
02/16/14 03:46:48PM @brian-g:

Thank you Jan, Guy and Peter. I really appreciate your comments, and I'm glad you enjoyed the tunes. :)

Peter W.
02/16/14 02:08:38PM @peter-w:

Your fine and precise finger-dancing is always amazing to me! Great playing!

Guy Babusek
02/16/14 10:25:09AM @guy-babusek:

Beautiful as always!

Jan Potts
02/16/14 09:33:44AM @jan-potts:

Smile.gifSmile.gifSmile.gifSmile.gifSmile.gif I could listen to this all day!

Brian G.
02/16/14 07:40:14AM @brian-g:
Marion, I laughed out loud at your comment. :) JK - thanks; these are incredibly fun tunes to play. I love how they flow off the fingers with those hammer - ons and pull - offs. Thank you both for taking the time to comment.
John Keane
02/16/14 06:18:06AM @john-keane:

Outstanding hammer-ons and pull offs...great stuff! Smile.gif

Marion Seaman
02/16/14 03:36:35AM @marion-seaman:
find myself needing to quell the green eyed monster here brian -oh to be able to play like that.........methinks i need to get me down to the crossroads at midnight. not sure that works in cambridgeshire though; i would probably just get a parking ticket LOLmarion
Brian G.
02/15/14 09:59:14PM @brian-g:

Hi Patty! Thanks for your comments. :)

Patty from Virginia
02/15/14 08:49:07PM @patty-from-virginia:

Brian, another good one113.gifYou're cranking them out. Watching your playing is mesmerizing.