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Mary Hamilton (Child Ballad #173) - fretted dulcimer

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Duration: 00:00:57
A beautiful (but morbid) sixteenth century Scottish ballad. Folkcraft butternut/walnut dulcimer 1-5-5.
Brian G.
11/10/11 06:36:52AM @brian-g:

Thank you very much Dusty. Very kind of you.

Dusty Turtle
11/09/11 10:38:30PM @dusty-turtle:

That's very pretty playing, Brian. Your flatpicking is so precise and gentle that it approaches the soft touch of fingerpicking. Well done.

Brian G.
09/23/11 06:29:38PM @brian-g:
Thank you Strumelia! I appreciate it. :)
09/23/11 06:12:02PM @strumelia:
Very nicely played!
Brian G.
09/23/11 06:27:18AM @brian-g:
Thank you very much Joaquin! I really appreciate your kind comments. :) I should mention that this arrangement of Mary Hamilton is not mine; I learned it from a book by Larkin Bryant that she published in the early 1980s. Thanks again Joaquin!
Brian G.
09/20/11 06:31:55AM @brian-g:
Good Morning all! Wayne - I will look under John Allen, then. Thank you very much for the info. Folkfan - Thanks for your comments and the info on the tune. I love knowing a bit about the tunes I try to play. Makes them more engaging for me. And John- thank you also. As I've mentioned, these little videos are mostly just a record of tunes I know and a way to see how I can improve, so I'm keeping them about as simple as I can. :) And I'm glad you like the shirt! (Take that J. K.) lol.
John Henry
09/20/11 02:17:56AM @john-henry:
Thank you Brian, much enjoyed, you are one of those players who (for a few fleeting moments, lol) suggest to me that perhaps I should consider playing without a noter now and again. I particularly like your straight forward presentation, no special effects ect. I suppose that I am a 'Luddite' at heart, simple playing, 'on the porch !' I love to think that it did happen, I know that some folk here do exactly that now, and I would 'cept I don't have a porch !Ignore J... K...., the shirt is fine.John
09/19/11 09:51:55PM @folkfan:

Nicely done. I love both songs, Mary Hamilton and the shorter version The Four Maries. Mary Queen of Scots had 4 high born Scottish lassies who travel to Scotland with her when she was a young girl and sent to live in the French court. Her ladies names were Mary Beaton, Mary Seaton, Mary Fleming, and Mary Livingstone. They were called the 4 Maries. The song doesn't name the Mary Queen of Scots exactly, it is generally assumed that this was the Queen that was meant.

There was an incident in the Court of the Tzar of Russia in the 1700's where a Mary Hamilton was executed for infanticide. The father was believed to be the Tzar. Even if the facts get mixed up, it makes for a great song and lovely melody.

Brian G.
09/19/11 08:59:20PM @brian-g:
Hi Guys! Thank you very much for your comments. Wayne - I'm not familiar with John Cameron, but I'll try to seek out some of his music to check out. I was most familiar with the version Joan Baez did on her first album. John - I'll try to do better with my wardrobe next time. :) lol.
John Keane
09/19/11 07:23:52PM @john-keane:
Love the picking. Very musical and well done. The shirt, however, just doesn't work for me. Grin.gif