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The Wind That Shakes The Barley - fretted dulcimer

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Duration: 00:00:47
Learned this one a long time ago, but had forgotten about it until recently. Folkcraft walnut/cedar dulcimer tuned 1-5-8.
Dave Ismay
10/13/14 12:45:10PM @dave-ismay:

A little bit of background info. One of the largest farming conglomerates in the area is owned by a guy called Ian Stirling and back in the early 1970s he built a brand new Piggery at a cost back then of around a quarter million pounds sterling. Big local news!

In 1975 the new piggery blew down in a gale of wind. Lindsay Ross the band leader wrote the tune in commemoration and it has become a Scottish standard.

It is not a typical 6/8 however as you can hear in this version by Tom Alexander

Brian G.
10/12/14 07:52:56PM @brian-g:

Thanks Dave! I'm not familiar with any of the tunes you mention. I will have to look them up. :)

Dave Ismay
10/12/14 05:16:52PM @dave-ismay:


Now how about the Lindsay Ross tune the wind that shakes/shook the piggery often played in a set with Donald Iain Rankine and Caddam Woods

Brian G.
10/12/14 05:02:19PM @brian-g:

Thank you Gary!

Gary McNaughton
10/12/14 04:42:26PM @gary-mcnaughton:
Top stuff Brian
Brian G.
09/19/12 04:10:39PM @brian-g:

Thank you Jennifer! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

jennifer Schaffer
09/19/12 08:52:07AM @jennifer-schaffer:

I love this song, my daughter plays it on the fiddle a lot- this is the 1st time I have heard it on dulcimer. Excellent!!

Brian G.
09/19/12 07:43:34AM @brian-g:

Jan, Robin - you are both way too kind. Jan, Happy Birthday to you! I don't know quite how to respond to your comment. I am extremely flattered that you would choose to spend some of your b-day time listening to me. Thanks so much. :) And Robin, to be mentioned in the same sentence as Val and Mark is quite an honor, and is much appreciated. I'm very glad you enjoyed the tune. Thanks again.

Robin Clark
09/19/12 02:22:59AM @robin-clark:

I love this tune Brian - and you play it sooo well Smile.gif

I have tried on many occasions to get a good version down on noter drone dulcimer but it is just too complex Frown.gif Most tunes I can shorten phrases on to allow me the space to set my noter for the next phrase. But this tune needs every note accurately and individually played, and the phrase pattern just doesn't suit noter drone dulcimer unless it is played way, way too slow. Red Haired Boy is another noter drone nemesis, as is Devils Dream 102.gif I can play quick with a noter, but there aremany, manyold time fiddle tunesthat just become frustrating academic exercises in noter waggling rather than great tunes for the instrument 107.gif Yetall willfit perfectly on c/m dulcimer in the hands of experts like yourself, Val Hughesand Mark Gilston.

Jan Potts
09/19/12 01:17:18AM @jan-potts:

Brian--Today, as a birthday present to myself, I decided to listen to (and watch!) as many of your videos as I could fit in. Thank you for sharing your gifts! Smile.gif You are one of my all-time favorite performers on FOTMD!

Brian G.
08/31/12 09:15:26AM @brian-g:

Karen - you're *way* too kind. Thank you. :)

Karen Keane
08/31/12 08:15:43AM @karen-keane:

That was awesome and so are you. Grin.gif

Brian G.
08/25/12 12:57:27PM @brian-g:

Steve - WOW..I can't believe I've posted 100 tunes...seems like just yesterday I picked up the dulcimer again after a multi-year hiatus. Thank you very much for your kind comments. I can't tell you how flattered I am that you actually listen to my playing while you travel. I'm sure I've mentioned that I initially started making these videos to serve as reminders for tunes I use to know (so that I wouldn't forget them again) and to enable me to objectively judge my playing so that I could try to improve. But knowing that others derive some enjoyment out of them is better than both of those reasons. So again - thank you so much. I really appreciate it :)

Brian G.
08/25/12 08:46:42AM @brian-g:

Thank you George!

George Wentland
08/25/12 08:18:56AM @george-wentland:

Nicely Done!!!

Brian G.
08/25/12 08:08:34AM @brian-g:

Dave - thank you very much for such generous comments. To be compared to Battlefield Band member is quite flattering. :) To answer your question, no- I'm not using any pick-up. The sound is as is, recorded through my cell phone.

Thanks again!

Dave Ismay
08/25/12 04:37:43AM @dave-ismay:

Good session tune well played and I love the way you have achieved a balance between the many hammerons and the picked notes!

Are you using a pickup or is that just a super responsive dulcimer?

Good recording!

The only other person I know who plays with so much left hand is Jenny Clarke.

[the first line up of Battlefield Band]

Brian G.
08/24/12 09:14:22PM @brian-g:

Gayle and folkfan - thank you very much! :)

08/24/12 09:53:36AM @folkfan:

Lovely tune and nice playing of it.

Gayle Maurer
08/24/12 08:28:36AM @gayle-maurer:

I liked that a lot. I am trying to come up with something unique to say that everyone else hasn't already said. Nope, they say it nicely. Thanks for posting!