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Boil dem (or em?) Cabbage Down

musician/member name: Film & Animation
Duration: 00:02:09
The possibility of playing a baritone mountain dulcimer in a jam setting recently came up during a conversation with a friend. Hmm, I'm certainly no expert but how I have approached this before is to tune the baritone to A-d-a in order to play along with the group tuned D-a-d. As for the soprano, it seems to work with either tuning. I'm sure glad the topic came up because be it right or wrong, I had a heck of a good time doing this video!!!
Christine Shoemaker
07/12/18 10:57:24AM @christine-shoemaker:

Very impressive, JP!  thumbsup  Now I understand your desire to record.  Whew...big job, for sure!  boggling

07/11/18 06:00:30PM @jp:

geez trick question there lass... lets see... how many do i play .... or how many do i play well..... confusey

guitar, mandolin, Ubass, hurdy gurdy, hammer dulcimer, bowed psaltry, uke...oh yea and mnt dulcimer .... i have also dabbled in whistle and recorder....all of which i am having trouble with motivation so with most it would take me a bit to get back up to speed... i have a few audio's up for H Dulcimer and Hurdy Gurdy. they became my main instruments over the last 20 years. but even they have been collecting dust lately.

Christine Shoemaker
07/11/18 02:58:38PM @christine-shoemaker:

I am really happy that you stopped in too - thanks so much, JP!  It is challenging to put several instruments together, but it’s a fun and satisfying challenge.  That’s how is goes for me anyway. happys  You mentioned that you would love to tie all  of your instruments into a tune…what instruments do you play? 

07/10/18 10:52:35AM @jp:

i was looking around the audio's and i always avoid "boil dem cabbages"  never liked it .  maybe, it is because most people seem to play it way to fast.  i am glad i stopped and took the time to listen... it was most creative.  maybe i won't walk past "boiling cabbage" so fast anymore... thank you .

ps wish i was more technical would love to tie al my instruments into a tune. shrugger

Christine Shoemaker
06/29/18 08:54:12AM @christine-shoemaker:

Thank you for watching and for the very gracious comment, Ariane!  HUG

06/29/18 04:57:00AM @ariane:

I love and admire your musicality and creativity! flower

Christine Shoemaker
06/28/18 05:37:04PM @christine-shoemaker:

Thank you, Joe!  I have to admit that I was not familiar with John Prine's song, Whistle and Fish, so I YouTubed it.  Oh yes...I most definitely hear it, Joe.  "Boil dem Cabbage Down" is all there.  Very cool!  

Christine Shoemaker
06/28/18 05:27:29PM @christine-shoemaker:

Your kindness so warms my heart, Terry.  Thank you!  HUG  I'm really glad you liked the blend, Benjamin!  smile

Benjamin W Barr Jr
06/28/18 03:06:49PM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

Christine, nice mixing of three dulcimers/dulcibon coming together in a classic folk song/ballad.

Joe Hamilton
06/28/18 11:29:28AM @joe-hamilton:

Amazing how much this song reminds me of John Prine's song Whistle and Fish. Thanks for sharing this in such a creative way! 

Terry Wilson
06/28/18 08:29:30AM @terry-wilson:

Ah, my favorite, The Cabbage Song. As you have demonstrated,  Christine,  this simple song is so very versatile.  

As always, great job.  In the deep South, when we talk about good food, we use the phrase,  "It's just plain good."  Well Christine, this describes you girl.

Christine Shoemaker
06/28/18 07:55:03AM @christine-shoemaker:

You all made my morning so much brighter - thank you!!!  sun  Steven and Marg, I just cannot seem to stop myself from getting all caught up in a tune.  I try to play it straightforward but then my hands go off on a path all of their own choosing.  Lol!         

Steven Berger
06/28/18 12:13:05AM @steven-berger:

Keep bending the strings Christine! Oh yeah!

Gordon Hardy
06/28/18 12:04:41AM @gordon-hardy:

Ah Christine, you are good!!

06/27/18 11:25:54PM @jenniferc:

What great fun! 

06/27/18 10:20:54PM @marg:

Totally changed a simple song, great going. So many little extra things going on in this besides the Baritone & DAd

Marc Mathieu
06/27/18 08:18:57PM @marc-mathieu:

Excellent playing and that's one creative mix!!  Your videos are always so much fun to watch.

Great job ! 

Christine Shoemaker
06/27/18 08:00:20PM @christine-shoemaker:

That makes me very happy, Blondie - thank you!  


...  Now, off to my baritone to see what might happen...  :)

I love that statement - it's so filled with happy possibilities!  Wishing you loads of fun with your baritone.  dulcimer    

Dusty Turtle
06/27/18 07:54:26PM @dusty-turtle:

That would be great, Christine!joyjoy

Christine Shoemaker
06/27/18 07:52:14PM @christine-shoemaker:

Thank you, Dean!  Dusty, I sure would love to do that with you in person!  I have family that live near Sac.  Next time I visit I would love to time it so I can sit in with you and your group, if that would be alright?  Maybe do some Blues?  coool happys