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I do believe that holiday songs are much like potato chips - you can't do just one. :-) This is Tull Glazener's enchanting arrangement of "Toyland". Performed on a Folkcraft baritone MD tuned A-e-a.
Christine Shoemaker
01/09/19 09:35:00AM @christine-shoemaker:

Thank you so much Benjamin and Steven!  HUG

Benjamin W Barr Jr
01/08/19 08:58:31AM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:


Steven Berger
01/08/19 08:14:36AM @steven-berger:

Very well played, Christine! Great sounding dulcimer, and a fine video!

Christine Shoemaker
12/26/18 09:19:18AM @christine-shoemaker:

Wow - I did not know that, Irene.  (The Bonnie & Clyde part I mean.  The beautiful Ron Gibson dulcimers part - oh yes! ) Thank you for sharing your research!   @irene  


12/22/18 10:49:52PM @irene:

Well, this got me researching and I found a site that I read the whole site tonight.  I was VERY SURPRISED to read that Bonnie and Clyde had a dulcimer.  oh wow, and were recorded singing with it.  I'd love to hear their 3 recordings.  This is a well written site and not too long to read....he also makes beautiful dulcimers.  Thanks again for playing your baritone for us all.  Merry Christmas, irene

Christine Shoemaker
12/22/18 09:29:55AM @christine-shoemaker:

Marc Mathieu:

Merry Christmas & all the best in 2019 ! 

Thank you sooo much, Marc!  HUG  I wish you and yours a truly magical Christmas!  

Marc Mathieu
12/21/18 09:05:26PM @marc-mathieu:

Such a beautiful rendition Christine !  BRAVO !

That baritone sure has a wonderful tone.

Also a great video to accompany your skillful playing.  

Merry Christmas & all the best in 2019 ! 

Christine Shoemaker
12/21/18 08:15:51PM @christine-shoemaker:

Dulcimer Dave:

Wow! I've never heard a baritone dulcimer before and now I want one!  Your playing is superb. Thank you.

I sure do appreciate that - thank you, Dave!  If you haven't heard a baritone before, check out fellow member Gordon Hardy.  And the bonus is his marvelous baritone voice to match!  

Lucky Dave
12/21/18 03:12:05PM @dulcimer-dave:

Wow! I've never heard a baritone dulcimer before and now I want one!  Your playing is superb. Thank you.

Christine Shoemaker
12/19/18 12:28:35PM @christine-shoemaker:

Thank you very much, Irene!  I am very happy it took you back to less complicated times.  Aloha friend!  

12/18/18 11:09:03PM @irene:

wonderful.   and loved seeing all the little toys and singers, and pretending I'm a little girl looking at all of these.   the voice of your baritone dulcimer is very very lovely.  now I'm going to bed..... aloha, irene

Christine Shoemaker
12/18/18 09:24:37PM @christine-shoemaker:


Beautiful Christine! Perfect hot chocolate music!


Thank you, Dean!  It was the ice rink scene, yes?  Long ago I spent many hours skating in frigid temps...and drinking hot chocolate!  These days, the skating not so much.  The hot chocolate?  Oh yeah!!!  coffee  

Christine Shoemaker
12/18/18 07:07:33PM @christine-shoemaker:

Thank you Gordon and Merry Christmas to you, my fellow baritone lover! HUG  

12/18/18 07:07:30PM @elvensong:

Beautiful Christine! Perfect hot chocolate music!


Christine Shoemaker
12/18/18 07:04:29PM @christine-shoemaker:

Thank you, Dusty - I really appreciate that!  

Dusty Turtle
12/18/18 02:44:55PM @dusty-turtle:

Delicate and pretty playing, Christine.

Gordon Hardy
12/18/18 02:20:55PM @gordon-hardy:

Merry Christmas Christine! Beautiful music, love that baritone.

Christine Shoemaker
12/18/18 02:10:37PM @christine-shoemaker:



Chris - your playing and the video is so adorable - I love it!

I'm happy that you liked it - thank you, Ariane!  happys

Christine Shoemaker
12/18/18 02:06:14PM @christine-shoemaker:


Lovely, Christine.  I always enjoy when you post. Nina

Thanks so much, Nina!  sun

12/18/18 10:42:03AM @ariane:

Chris - your playing and the video is so adorable - I love it!