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QUANTUMloop video

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Duration: 00:05:22
QUANTUMloop by Ortega Guitars with a McSpadden baritone Mountain Dulcimer. A pairing that I am having a heck of a good time with!
Christine Shoemaker
08/01/19 08:43:18PM @christine-shoemaker:

Thank you. Terry! alienabducthappys

Terry Wilson
07/29/19 09:04:39PM @terry-wilson:

Way to go, Christine.   You're from another planet.  Love it!

Christine Shoemaker
06/18/19 06:43:43AM @christine-shoemaker:

Thanks so much @cindy-stammich!

Cindy Stammich
06/15/19 10:51:32PM @cindy-stammich:

You are just too much fun!!!  I love thiscooldance

Christine Shoemaker
06/06/19 03:57:44PM @christine-shoemaker:


Wonderful - as always, Chris! jive

Thanks so much, Ariane! HUG

06/06/19 08:59:19AM @ariane:

Wonderful - as always, Chris! jive

Christine Shoemaker
06/06/19 07:44:16AM @christine-shoemaker:


Loved this.  Well played.  I have a looper and was thinking of trying it out with the dulcimer, but no foot drum function.  Maybe a Christmas present!  Great fun.  Thanks for posting.

Thank you, Kjb!  Oh yes...a Christmas present for sure!!!  

06/05/19 11:15:18AM @kjb:

Loved this.  Well played.  I have a looper and was thinking of trying it out with the dulcimer, but no foot drum function.  Maybe a Christmas present!  Great fun.  Thanks for posting.

Christine Shoemaker
06/05/19 08:29:06AM @christine-shoemaker:

Aww...that is so kind of you!  Thank you very much Lisa! HUG   You know what?  I never know what to expect with my vids either.  Haha!    

06/04/19 05:41:30PM @strumelia:

Christine... love

I cracked up when you said "But that's what happens with this thing!"  lolol

You really know how to get creative with music and express yourself.  I never know what to expect in your videos, always something new and FUN and different.

Thank you!!

Christine Shoemaker
06/04/19 09:23:20AM @christine-shoemaker:

Haha!  But called it Dusty!  Let's see....chores or ride the groove today?  Needless to say, laundry is piling up!  I kinda blame Lisa for that.  She planted a seed quite some time ago when she did a video using a tambourine with her foot.  That took root with me! flower   (Maybe she should have warned us about the addictiveness.  Ha!)    

Christine Shoemaker
06/04/19 09:12:48AM @christine-shoemaker:

Aww...thank you Steven!  You couldn't be more right on the fun part! pimento

Steven Berger
06/03/19 10:40:09PM @steven-berger:

Way cool, Christine! Looks like more fun than a barrel of monkeys! Seriously, this device really makes your music "pop"! Enjoy!

Dusty Turtle
06/03/19 10:20:13PM @dusty-turtle:

Something tells me you won't be getting any household chores done for a spell, Christine. That looks like way too much fun!