Cynthia Wigington


Location: Fairlee, VT
Country: US

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@kkimura, 09/30/22 01:34:39PM
Yup, that's Farmway!
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@terry ritchey, 02/12/18 02:42:03AM
terry ritchey thanks for everything you do your an awsome woman
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@Dan Goad, 08/26/17 08:25:14AM
Cynthia, I have a 4 page pdf to send to you concerning Capt Mike Healy and the "Bear" as soon as you approve my 'follow' request.
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@Terry Wilson, 03/17/16 07:50:36PM
Hi Cynthia
How you doing girl?
I just wanted to speak to you. Think of you often.
I have been on fotmd before and you have tried to chat with me. At least I think so. Problem is, I can only see a partial screen, so no chat. Sorry. I always go , "dagnabit".

Hey, don't ever forget, "you're the sheriff in this town".

Best to you my friend.
Ps: I'm actually at a Hospice House right this minute. My son's 38 yr old wife died about 4 hours ago. Cancer.
So sad sad sad. 5 yr old son left behind, and a devoted husband. Sad.
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@John W. McKinstry, 01/25/16 10:02:47PM
Hey Cynthia, So good to hear from you and thanks for the comment. I am still getting used to the new web-site. I would love to have you back as a follower.
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@Helen Seiler, 12/25/15 04:42:17PM
Merry Christmas Cynthia from down under. I miss your videos so much. Hope u can be back playing for us real soon. Love Helen x
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@Annie Deeley, 12/25/15 04:26:14PM
Hi Cynthia, wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas. Hope you are feeling better every day. Whenever I play The Old Church Yard I think of you...