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Banks Of The Lee - Irish folk melody

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Duration: 00:02:28
my instrumental arrangement for dulcimer of the Irish folk song Banks Of The Lee - Doug Berch’s dulcimer is tuned to the Aeolian mode (DAC) - the song is normally sung in 4/4 timing but my arrangement here is in 3/4, with a few 4/4 bars to make it work - thanks to Martin Plant for the photographs.
Dan Evans
10/10/19 05:51:50AM @dan-evans:

thnx John Turner  @john-turner

John Turner
10/09/19 06:03:37AM @john-turner:

Thank you Dan Evans for that lovely instrumental version. I haven't been hear for quite a while but what a nice return!

Most enjoyable Dan.

John Turner.

Dan Evans
10/08/19 10:45:34AM @dan-evans:

thanks  @kjb


10/07/19 08:39:29PM @kjb:

Really enjoyed this.  Well played and thanks for posting.

Dan Evans
10/06/19 11:40:21AM @dan-evans:

thns  @ariane



10/03/19 05:16:14AM @ariane:

Beautiful tune and sound

Dan Evans
09/29/19 11:18:54AM @dan-evans:

thnx @Steven-Berger 

Steven Berger
09/28/19 10:42:59AM @steven-berger:

Beautifully played, Dan! I like what you did with the timing. The tune is almost the same as another Irish song, "Paddy's Lament".