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Simple Gifts 1873 Jacob Meadors

Artist: Dulcimore Dan
Genre: folk
Duration: 00:02:03

WOW!!! It sings again..... after 147 years.It has a sweet spot around FCC so it is tuned there. I still need to do detail work and document it.

12/17/18 06:16:07PM @dan:

Thank you all! What a true blessing to be able to set this up for display and research this piece. I found the relationship between owners family line and the maker Jacob Meadors. His first cousin married into the owners line in 1866! To much fun.

12/17/18 04:22:10PM @hoodoo:

Beautiful. I've listened to it 4 times in a row!

12/13/18 06:17:49PM @elvensong:

Wow what a find! It certainly aged nicely. 

Robin Thompson
12/09/18 09:55:19PM @robin-thompson:

Good golly, the Meadors sounds good!  I'm glad you were able to acquire it, Dan! 

John C. Knopf
12/09/18 08:55:32PM @john-c-knopf:

I would not have believed that this sound came out of the pictured dulcimer had you not told me!

Richard Streib
12/09/18 05:25:17PM @richard-streib:

My, that is a beautiful sound.