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Kitchen Girl

Artist: Dulcimore Dan
Genre: folk
Duration: 00:01:45
BJ Jordan
06/20/20 10:05:18AM @betty-bj-jordan:

Thanks for sharing that. I've tried it several times and just moved on . I think now I may have to revisit it. Well done, well enjoyed.


Robin Thompson
06/11/20 05:34:25PM @robin-thompson:

@Dan, the only two tunes I can think of at the moment for which I really feel like I need a 1-5-8 tuning are Kitchen Girl and Elzic's Farewell.  

06/09/20 02:55:06PM @dan:

Thank you @Robin-thompson, I struggled with this tune because of the switch of modes, how did you do your arrangement?

Robin Thompson
06/09/20 12:17:42PM @robin-thompson:

Nice play of Kitchen Girl, Dan!  And I'm reminded I haven't played this tune in ages.