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Shady Grove on the Third Grand

Shady Grove on the Third Grand

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Sound clip from the 36 inch Grand.
Jack Ferguson
08/26/18 09:33:00PM @jack-ferguson:

Nice sound, Dan!

08/26/18 05:20:43PM @dan:

Thank you all!


08/26/18 03:15:34PM @elvensong:

Sounds like warm, buttery maple syrup. Beautiful overtones! 

Robin Thompson
08/26/18 11:04:43AM @robin-thompson:

So good, Dan.  Has a Stamper vibe with the Cox touch!  

Cynthia Wigington
08/25/18 07:29:45AM @cynthia-wigington:

Gorgeous Dan! Lately I've been tuning all my ukes down, even the baritone and I'm liking the really deep sounds. If you're selling that one, I bet it won't take long to sell after this video.

08/25/18 05:05:22AM @ariane:

Sounds very impressing and great, Dan!

Dusty Turtle
08/24/18 04:31:02PM @dusty-turtle:

What a rich tone!