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Dry & Dusty

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Robin Thompson
06/18/15 02:33:20PM @robin-thompson:

Dusty, I listened on Soundcloud the other day. . . Your play is wonderful!  

Dusty Turtle
06/17/15 04:21:07AM @dusty-turtle:

Salut, Monica.  Thanks for your comments on this tune. I found sheet music for the basic melody in an online search for fiddle tunes, so I've never actually heard it played. Hopefully my version is close to what it's supposed to sound like.


Yes, I bought the first Daniel Lanois CD, Acadie.  I love the mixture of French and English, and some of the tunes have a definite Cajun sound, especially "Jolie Louise" with that wonderful accordeon.  The range of instruments he uses is also phenomenal. I guess this was his first album, but even there you can hear the record producer that he would become.  Thanks so much for pointing me to him!


I hope you're doing super bien!

06/16/15 07:42:12AM @monica:

Nice playing, did you ever buy the Daniel Lanois cd?