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Hayes 2010 - Crocker, Shaw, de Bruin

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Robin Thompson
11/26/10 11:19:21PM @robin-thompson:
Wonderful, fellows! You three could take your trio and travel the countryside sharing music. Smile.gif (John Henry, so glad you felt better and thus able to go to the festival!)
John Shaw
11/18/10 10:41:59AM @john-shaw:
Thanks for uploading this, Geoff! It was great to play with John Henry and Patrick. Perhaps not everyone will have realised that Patrick is none other than Blue Hand on FOTMD. He was amazing in that he had heard the tune for the first time an hour or so before we played it in the concert!
John Henry
11/18/10 03:14:19AM @john-henry:
Dana, nice to hear from you, thank you for the comment. Sorry to hear that you missed out on your festival, I hope that you are recovered now, not great to go into winter unfit. Yes, our little Nonsuch meet was good, sadly it seemed to be over in a flash, so many people to talk to, so many instruments to try, at least one always comes away with lots of memories, and at least one performance recorded to illustrate mistakes made LOL. Loved the drawing incidentaly, good perspective.take careJohn
Dana R. McCall
11/17/10 08:43:21PM @dana-r-mccall:
Looks like you had a great time John Henry. I didn't get to go to my fest. was still sick. You all sounded really good together.
john p
11/17/10 08:43:08PM @john-p:
Great performance guys.
11/17/10 07:20:33PM @strumelia:
Great stuff! I would love to have been there with you. John Henry- I see you doing that low harmony!Hmm...who sneezed at 0:58 seconds? lol!
Bill Lewis
11/17/10 06:56:41PM @bill-lewis:
I just listen and watched this, looked like a great time had by all. Grin.gif
Robin Clark
11/17/10 06:54:09PM @robin-clark:
Fantastic - It is great to watch you guys play in melody/drone. Grin.gif