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Boil 'Em Cabbage Down, key of E major

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Duration: 00:00:58
Boil 'Em Cabbage Down, played in the key of E major on a Jack Ferguson made, all-poplar Tennessee Music Box http://www.appflutes.com Tuning is E-B-BB
Robin Thompson
04/10/17 08:36:20AM @robin-thompson:

Hey, James--

It's my thought Cabbage has been used lots in the dulcimer world because it is a good teaching/learning piece.  I'm guessing, though, the tune has not been played as much in the AABB tune structure (but only the A part repeated).

Happy strumming! 

James Phillips
04/09/17 09:52:38AM @james-phillips:

Sam, thanks for the kind words.  Frankly, I don't know if my playing is worth turning heads over - I know there are a bunch of fantastic players out there and I am sure I am not among them.  I just do what I do and hope it works out okay.

Robin and Mark's recording is what lead to me to dust this old tune out.  It is frankly over-used a lot in the dulcimer world I'd noticed, such as how Wildwood Flower is in the autoharp world, so I generally do not play it that much.  However, there version is what turned it around a bit for me and made me decide to take a stab at it.

04/07/17 06:38:43AM @sam:

Hi James! I saw Robin and Mark's vid too. I really wanted, like you, to add my rendition of this old favorite. Unlike you, however, my playing does not seem to progress enough to post videos :( 

Thanks for sharing and I love that TMB. 

James Phillips
04/03/17 05:12:13PM @james-phillips:

Thanks Steven.  I know, it is probably a way overused dulcimer song, but I decided to do it in part because my friend Robin Thompson and her husband Mark did an audio version recently.  I decided to revisit this and it came out pretty good on the TMB.

Steven Berger
04/02/17 07:22:31PM @steven-berger:

Good playing, James! Nice sounding TMB!