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Bunessan, key of G

musician/member name: Music
Duration: 00:02:13
Bunessan, played in the key of G on an African mahogany bottom, walnut top teardrop baritone FolkRoots dulcimer. Tuning is G-gg-g. http://www.folkcraft.com
Steven Berger
01/03/19 04:57:43AM @steven-berger:

Sounds great, James!

James Phillips
12/24/18 09:41:14AM @james-phillips:

Benjamin W Barr Jr:

Nice one James. 

thanks Ben.

12/24/18 09:16:13AM @ariane:

I live around 30 km in the North of Frankfurt, James.

Benjamin W Barr Jr
12/24/18 08:32:34AM @benjamin-w-barr-jr:

Nice one James. 

James Phillips
12/24/18 07:57:59AM @james-phillips:


Nice playing, James and

Merry Christmas!

thank you very much.  Where in Germany is it you live?

12/24/18 04:06:23AM @ariane:

Nice playing, James and

Merry Christmas!

James Phillips
12/23/18 06:07:10PM @james-phillips:

Terry Wilson:

Nice, James.  Real nice.

Thank you Terry.  I figured it could kind of qualify a holiday song ;-) 

Terry Wilson
12/23/18 05:30:04PM @terry-wilson:

Nice, James.  Real nice.

James Phillips
12/23/18 04:09:34PM @james-phillips:

Thanks 😀 .When researching this melody, besides being used for Morning Has Broken, learned it was also used for Child in the Manger.  I used my new tablet to record the video so my apologies for the color of the video.

12/23/18 03:36:30PM @strumelia:

Robert's right... I can envision ancient bagpipes when i close my eyes.  Nice, James.

robert schuler
12/23/18 01:38:34PM @robert-schuler:

Nice, the drones give it an unmistakable piper sound... Robert